We could all benefit from improved sleep, and Amazon has got you covered with a wide array of sleep-improvement products that will help you get better quality (and duration) of sleep. In no particular order, these items could dramatically improve your sleep by limiting light, sound, discomfort and getting you relaxed enough to fall asleep in the first place:

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1. The most popular and highly-rated sleeping mask on Amazon

Comes with reusable silicone earplugs, this puts you in complete darkness and silence to remove distractions that keep you awake. Perfect for anyone who is kept awake by any light in the room. I have a very unusual work and sleeping schedule and have had issues with falling asleep when it is still light outside. Cheaper and easier than buying and installing blackout curtains.

2. The most popular and highly-rated Melatonin supplement on Amazon

Melatonin is naturally produced by the human body to help control sleep and wake cycles. I’ve personally used Melatonin to help get me to sleep, and it definitely helps.

3. The most popular and highly-rated Sound Machine on Amazon

Either as an alternative or in addition to earplugs, this sound machine should block out any auditory annoyances that are keeping you from falling asleep and waking you up once you’re asleep. With over 11,000 reviews and at 4.3 stars, this is a solid choice.

4. The most popular and highly-rated Bed Pillow on Amazon

Pillows are important, and can easily be the difference between good sleep and waking up with a stiff neck and a headache.

There are lots of different types of bed pillows, but shredded memory foam pillows are apparently the best for most people. I’ve used down, down alternative, solid memory foam and shredded memory foam pillows, and this is my favorite.

This particular pillow has over 15,000 reviews with 4.3 stars on Amazon.These offer good support while still feeling soft. Superior to solid memory foam pillows which are very heavy and stiff, or down/down alternative pillows which offer minimal support and may not be hypo-allergenic.

5. The most popular and highly-rated 100% Cotton Bed Sheet Set on Amazon

I’m breaking my format a bit here, because the highest-rated and most popular sheet set on Amazon is microfiber, a very controversial material for bedding and one I can’t personally recommend (many say it holds odor, catches on body hair and is generally rough on the skin)

The choices for bed sheet sets on Amazon are vast, and most aren’t rated more than 4 stars, which is unusual. I can vouch for 100% cotton as a bedding material for both comfort and upkeep.

That being said, I switched from cotton to 100% linen bedding a few years ago and haven’t looked back, so I’m including it as a second bedding choice here.

Linen is far superior in terms of breathability to any other fabric material I could find. This makes it warm in winter and cool in summer, while wicking moisture away from the body and staying odor-resistant. It’s recommended that you let linen air-dry instead of machine-drying to help it last (which is recommended for any fabric item you want to keep for a while). Well-cared-for linen can last for generations, if you’re up for it.

6. The most popular and highly-rated Fitness Tracker on Amazon

I track my sleep with a fitness tracker that connects to my phone via Bluetooth, just like this device. An inexpensive and useful tool you can use to see if you’re getting enough sleep, which will let you know if you’re going too far with your sleep deprivation. Despite tracking my sleep, I often still choose to live without enough of it, but at least now I know the degree and severity of my problem.

The Fitness Tracker HR I’ve linked to above has far better reviews on Amazon than the fitness tracker I use (a Fitbit Flex)

7. The most popular and highly-rated Cheap Blanket on Amazon


This is the best cheap blanket on Amazon for sleeping on the couch (or anywhere else). I cast some doubt on microfiber as a bedding material when I was talking about sheets and pillowcases above, but it actually works well as a blanket material. I’ve bought several of these for having around the house when it gets cold on the sofa, as extra blankets, for company staying over, or kids bedrooms. They do the job for non-bed sleeping, especially when folded.

I prefer a duvet/comforter for sleeping in a bed, but these will do in a pinch.

8. Two highest-rated most-popular options for a Duvet/Comforter

I’m including two options for duvets/comforters here, dependent upon your budget and preference. Starting with the cheaper, most popular option on Amazon:

This is super popular, rated 4.3 stars and with over 6,000 reviews. It’s a down-alternative comforter, which here means it’s 100% polyester. This material works pretty well for pillows and can be either good or bad in comforters depending on the exact one you buy.

With that many good reviews, you can’t really go wrong with this one at this price-range.

This is a 100% goose-down filled comforter, and is the highest-rated most popular of its kind of Amazon. More expensive than the down-alternative one above, this should breathe better, be cooler on warmer nights and warmer on cold ones than the previous comforter listed.

Goose down tends to leak out more than down-alternative materials, so I’d get a duvet cover for this (see my bedding recommendations above) to minimize wear and tear done by frequent washings.

9. The most popular and highly-rated Mattress on Amazon, plus an alternative

A mattress has to be the most important aspect of getting good sleep, and this is the one Amazon wants you to buy. It’s relatively inexpensive, highly rated and popular on Amazon. One note about solid memory foam mattresses: It can be too firm and warm for some sleepers, but obviously many people find it just right.

If you want something more expensive, cooler and less firm:

This is a very popular mattress with an extreme advertising campaign. You’ve probably seen their ads on YouTube, Facebook and everywhere else.

It has multiple layers to get the benefits of memory foam without the over-firm heat-retaining properties. It’s very ventilated because of the top rubbery layer. A friend of the website has one of these. He reports that it has solved his back problems, and he loves how breathable it is. I plan on buying one at some point.

A note for either of these mattresses, or any with memory foam: Let them air out after opening until the fumes dissipate. If you try to sleep on it right after opening you’re probably going to get a headache.

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