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After looking far and wide and trying several different options, I have found the best cup for kids. Without further ado:

The Skip Hop Straw Bottle, Okay, it’s a bottle, not a cup, but we use them for home as well as for traveling to minimize spills.

Here’s why it’s great

  • Holds 12 ounces (more than many straw cups/bottles for kids).
  • Has a great top that easily flips over the flexible straw to keep spills to a minimum.
  • Straw is really durable. One of my kids chews straws down, and this one has held up over time.
  • Comes with an extra straw (which we haven’t had to use yet because the first one is doing great).
  • Most of them are only $6.99 on Amazon with Prime shipping available. We got two and then got four more.
  • Super easy to clean, and dishwasher safe. This is super important. Other straw cups are not dishwasher safe and are extremely difficult to keep clean due to their crevices and materials, especially if you’re putting milk or other non-water beverages in them. In the past with other products, despite our best efforts and cleaning them several times a day, we’ve found mildew on them. Disgusting and unacceptable, and they got thrown straight in the garbage. Get several of these and one will always be clean. Having a bunch will also make it easier to have milk and water bottles separate without doing extra cleaning.
  • As is now standard, it’s BPA-free, Phthalate-free, and PVC-free.
  • Comes in many designs. Tons of animals and colors for your kids to choose from. My kids had fun picking theirs out, and since they have different designs, it’s easy to keep track of whose bottle is whose with multiple kids around.
  • My 3-year-old likes the velcro strap. We haven’t really used it for anything practical, but you could strap it to a stroller or something if you needed to.
  • Bottle is durable. No cracks or dents after many drops. The design will eventually take a hit, but that’s something I expect.

Some people complain in the reviews that it isn’t completely leak-proof. We haven’t had a problem with that, and this product is by far the best we’ve found in terms of price and functionality.

Here are a bunch more designs, if your kid is into something other than sharks:

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