Your teeth are really important, and there are ways to care for your teeth beyond the basic brush-twice-a-day-and-floss advice. These products can make oral hygiene easier, faster and better.

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1. The Most Popular and Highest Rated Electric Toothbrush on Amazon

If you’ve never used an electric toothbrush, the difference between electric and regular toothbrushes is night-and-day. They are dentist-recommended, brush more efficiently and make your teeth feel cleaner.

I am prone to brushing too hard, which can cause receding gums, pain, a sore wrist (seriously), and wearing out toothbrush heads very quickly. Using an electric toothbrush has helped me with all of those issues as well as being generally superior.

Also, if brushing is easier, you’ll likely find yourself brushing more as a result. For around $20, this is a no-brainer. Replacement heads cost $1.62 apiece at the cheapest option I saw, and go up from there.

Note: I actually have another model that is currently more expensive on Amazon that is also 4+ stars with slightly fewer reviews. Here it is:

Either of these seem to be the same quality, based on reviews. I got mine for about $20, so if you see if for that price and prefer it for some reason, it is also highly recommended.

2. A Popular and Highly Rated Alcohol-free Fluoride Mouthwash on Amazon

Dentists have told me the only thing that matters about a toothpaste or mouthwash is that it 1. be a mouthwash that does not contain alcohol (dries out gums and kills good bacteria, potentially causing bad breath instead of preventing it) and 2. that it both mouthwash and toothpaste contain fluoride (kills bacteria that cause tooth decay). So I switched to an alcohol-free fluoride mouthwash. You’ll see many of this type of mouthwashes claim to re-mineralize (strengthen) your teeth as well. Another added benefit is that without the alcohol, the burning pain of mouthwash is either greatly lessened or completely eliminated. You can still get that from drinking liquor, if you miss the feeling.

There are other mouthwashes that fit this description, and so far all of the ones I’ve tried are good. The one I’ve linked to above is the one I’m currently using and is the cheapest I could find on Amazon.

3. Stop using regular floss and switch to flossers! The Most Popular and Highly-Rated Flossers on Amazon

The switch from regular floss to flossers has resulted in me actually flossing every day. I wish someone had told me that I could floss without cutting off all circulation to my fingers and repeatedly failing to pull out the right length of floss. Flossers solve those problems with some elegance.

There are only two considerations when buying flossers: 1. Do they hurt your hand because of the handle shape and 2. Do they break when you use them. I currently use the flossers I’ve linked to above, and due to their toothpick-in-handle design, they aren’t the most ergonomic thing imaginable, but are still far superior to traditional floss and are very functional. Compared to standard floss, I love these.

Note: Waterpik or other water flossing products are often recommended in place of floss/flossers, and I tried a well-reviewed one for a while. Keeping a water-flosser clean when I can’t take the whole thing apart eventually led to me not using it anymore. It definitely did the job, though, as far as flossing goes, so if you’re up for it, it’s a good option.

4. Several Popular and Highly-Rated Toothpaste Options on Amazon

This surprised me when I found it. The most popular, highly-rated toothpaste on Amazon contains no fluoride!

I feel I would be foolish to ignore the popularity of this product, despite what I know about the efficacy of fluoride and how frequently it is recommended by dentists and others. Some people would rather avoid fluoride, so I suspect this products’ popularity is due to that preference.

This product also contains no artificial dyes, sweeteners or flavors as well as being gluten-free, cruelty-free, and halal and kosher-certified.

This is the second most-popular, highly-rated toothpaste on Amazon. It’s really your basic fluoride toothpaste. I’ve tried tons of different whitening and non-whitening fluoride toothpastes and haven’t seen any real difference between them as far as whitening goes. Nevertheless, this is a solid toothpaste.

This is an interesting one. It utilizes more-natural ingredients in combination with activated charcoal dust to polish off stains on teeth. I can vouch for the fact that activated charcoal dust can remove stains, as I have used a different charcoal product for that myself. I haven’t seen any whitening, but surface stains on teeth do get removed fairly quickly.


What I currently use:

A dentist recommended this to my wife a while ago and it’s what we’ve been using ever since. It’s a grittier, thicker toothpaste which ends up making my teeth feel cleaner after brushing than some of the others. No whitening effects that I can tell, but it’s a good toothpaste.

5. Popular, Highly-Rated Activated Charcoal Tooth-Stain-Removal Powder on Amazon

This is kind of an oddball item, but it works so I would be remiss to leave it out.

When I brush, I’ve been using this as well to remove surface (coffee and tea) stains from my teeth:

It doesn’t whiten as far as I can tell, but it definitely removes surface stains from my teeth, and doesn’t seem to be causing any damage to my enamel, as it’s pretty gentle. It feels really weird and gritty but tastes fine, and works. This is a reasonably-priced powder as well when compared to its’ competitors, and one jar will last you quite a while.

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