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New Zombie Frappuccino Is Coming To Starbucks


Starbucks says of its new Frappuccino, chillingly:

“New Zombie Frappuccino: YOU’LL LOSE YOUR MIND”


We just got a tip from a trusted source that Starbucks will be running an “Extremely Limited” release of their brand-new Zombie Frappucino, and it sounds just as wild as the very popular Unicorn Frappuccino released for a few days this past summer.

This is not yet announced by Starbucks publicly, but we have proof (below) that it’s coming. We hope to have more info on it soon, and some more photos.




We finally have a color photo of the Zombie Frappuccino, courtesy of @BrandonEazyy on Twitter:



Here are images of the actual Zombie Frappuccino straight from Starbucks! No color pictures yet, but that’s okay for now:


BONUS: Watch us kill some Zombie Frappuccinos 🙂

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