I’ve been price-matching in-store for years, and on the rare occasion I need to buy a non-grocery item in a store (instead of Amazon, where I do most of my shopping), I will price-match, and most of the time save a significant amount of money, even when price-matching the store’s own website!

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A friend told me last night that that he takes advantage of price-matching almost every time he buys items in-store (which is a lot more frequently than I do), and that he regularly saves 20% on items, sometimes even on their day of release.

Keep in mind that some items will not be available with significant discounts. Some types of items (video games for instance) are bought by retailers at almost full-price, so discounts will usually be unavailable for these items no matter where you’re buying them from.

For items like Blu-Rays, toys, and many others, discounts are almost always available with price-matching.


With the winter Holidays coming up soon, you should definitely take advantage of price-matching. WIth the discounts, you can either save the extra money or use it to buy more gifts. You can’t lose.


What is Price-matching?


Fairly recently, big retail stores have taken to price-matching their big competitors in an effort the stay competitive. This can be used to our great advantage, as very often the in-store price can be easily beaten by the online price of the same store or one of its major competitors.

These stores do not heavily advertise that they will price-match (for obvious reasons), so it’s possible you’ve never even seen any other customers doing it on one of your many visits. You also might not know how it works. Well, it’s really simple.


Where to Price-match


Big stores with an Uncomplicated Price-Match Guarantee (click for full price-match policy details of each store):



Other stores that price-match online pricing, with various caveats and complications:

How to Price-match


Bring your item to Checkout or the Customer Service Desk (depending on the store you’re at) and ask to price-match your items with a specific website.

Some stores have their own system (a tablet behind the counter) for checking if the price-match you’re requesting is legit. Some stores will ask you to hand them your phone with your item pulled up on it so they can make sure it’s legit and not a doctored photo. Either way, it’s a quick process, especially for just one item or type of item.


Limits on Price-Matching


I’ve personally experienced times where a store will only let me price-match a single type of item once or twice, and other times when they let me do a whole bunch at once. Your mileage may vary, but it’s totally worth a shot and can save you a ton of money.

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