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I DON’T USUALLY LOVE PHOTOS OF STUFF LIKE OLD WINDMILLS, but photographer olimpia did such a great job composing and editing this photograph, that it reminded me of something important: Good photography doesn’t have to be about the subject itself, it can simply be about colors and shapes, pleasingly arranged.


The red white and blue of the windmill really works with the beautiful white clouds and dark blue sky. Red and blue are always a solid combination, especially when red takes a backseat to blue, as it does in this photo. I also love the perspective here, with the looming windmill rotors perfectly positioned to make the photo very readable without being a straight-on shot from far away.


This photo looks like a beautiful summer day in a field somewhere, and continues my trend of selecting warm-looking photos because it’s freaking cold where I live. Olimpia has graciously enabled downloading of this photo on Flickr, so click on her name if you want to keep this photo for yourself.


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