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STARBUCKS NOW INCLUDES THEIR CARAMEL BRULÉE LATTE in their menu of returning Holiday drinks that they bring back every year, but despite being a fan of caramel, I’ve always missed the availability window of this drink, so I hadn’t tried it. This year, I made sure to give it a shot before it disappears again, when the Holiday season fully ends at Starbucks and they stop restocking stores with Caramel Brulée sauce, which will probably happen a few months from now, at most.

The heart of this drink is a special Caramel Brulée sauce, different from the standard Starbucks caramel syrup we’re all used to. What this means is that we’re getting a whole new flavor. Okay, it’s not really new, because this drink has been around for other Starbucks Holiday seasons, but it’s new to me, and that’s what interested me most about this drink.


Disclaimer: I don’t order Starbucks drinks with their standard recipe


I used to work at Starbucks, so I got very used to freely modifying my Starbucks drinks, and as a result I very rarely get one of their beverages as they come standard. That’s of the great things about Starbucks, right? The customizability.

For hot Starbucks lattes, I always ask for:

  • Breve:  Breve is half-and-half milk and cream, substituting the Starbucks standard 2% milk. Basically, lattes are better with more fat. The fattier content of the breve adds a few advantages to the recipe
    • Makes the drink creamier
    • Handles extra espresso shots with ease, without becoming overpoweringly espresso-y,
    • Boosts the sugar taste in the drink, making the sweetness more apparent and thereby enabling you to dial down the pumps of syrup or sauce.
  • Additional espresso shots: I love coffee, and I like it strong.
  • Fewer pumps of syrup or sauce: In other words, less sugar. I don’t like a crazy amount of sugar in my drinks, which Starbucks includes standard in many of their beverages.


Try some of these modifications out for yourself! You may find it’s possible to decrease your everyday sugar consumption (which is always a good thing) while making your drink tastier.


So, what does the STARBUCKS Caramel BRULÉE Latte taste like?


It’s good, but for me, nothing amazing. I’m a fan of the Caramel Machiatto, was previously a big fan of the Caramel Frappuccino, and just like caramel in general.

The Starbucks Caramel Brulée Latte has a caramel flavor on the darker side of the caramel palette. It tastes more cooked, without tasting burnt, than the standard Starbucks Caramel-syrup-drinks like the Caramel Machiatto, and anything else caramel at Starbucks.

It’s a little interesting, but it didn’t blow me away. I didn’t notice the Caramel Brulée topping, which must liquify into the whipped cream fairly quickly. I’m sure it added to the drink, at least aesthetically, but I drink my Starbucks with the lid on the entire time, so naturally, I didn’t see it.

I’d drink another one, but personally, I’d rather take advantage of the fact that the Pumpkin Spice Latte is still available throughout the Holiday season. I love that drink, heavily modified, of course.


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