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I HAVEN’T BACKED A SINGLE PROJECT ON KICKSTARTER, YET. However, I am often tempted to do so.

For years, and with increasing frequency, I’ve been seeing really cool gadgets and life-improving devices on Kickstarter, so someday I will most likely just go for it.

The QUARTZ Bottle is one of those really cool devices that I consider backing. I like this, not only because of its main bacteria-killing feature, but also because it is one of the best-looking thermoses I’ve ever seen.

The bottle features a so-hot-right-now design with a Google-esque two-tone two-texture look that I love. It looks simple, clean, and almost monolithic. Great design, and the four color options are fantastic, too.


The main feature: Easy Water Purification

The bottle cleans itself with UV-C LED lights. Cool, right?

NOTE: I take every claim on Kickstarter projects with a grain of salt, especially after seeing highly-backed campaigns making outrageous claims, like a device enabling users to breathe underwater using only a small tube-shaped device.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is that I see a photo (on the Quartz Kickstarter page) that indicates the bottle can be used to collect an purify water from a stream in the woods. Looking deeper, I see they say in their FAQ:

“How clean must the water be?


At a minimum, it should be clear to the eye with no heavy sediment.”

I don’t know enough about water purification to invalidate this statement, but I, personally, would definitely look into it more fully before using the bottle for that purpose. I just wouldn’t be comfortable using this with water from the wild without knowing, extremely specifically, what would (and wouldn’t) be safe.

My possible paranoia about drinking bad water aside, I do believe the claims that the bottle can clean your water from a normal, already filtered source. I have had issues keeping thermoses clean in the past, mostly because they were not dishwasher safe and had crevices that were difficult to clean well. This could definitely solve, or at least mitigate, that problem, and I love that.

For the right person, this bottle could easily be worth what some may see as a high cost. If I had to bring a thermos with me to work every day, I would seriously consider it. I’m considering it, anyway, just because it’s cool.

Basic product info

  • $59 for one bottle (Earlybird Kickstarter pricing, should rise to $99 once the bottle is released)
  • 18-ounce capacity. This is a very good capacity, especially as the bottle contains electronics. I am not really interested in cups or bottles that hold less than 2 cups of liquid, so this works for me.
  • Keeps liquids cold for 24 hours or hot for 12. I wonder how the bacteria-killing lights work with different types of liquids (hot tea, for instance). Either way, those are some really good thermos stats.
  • Battery life is estimated at 2 months! This is excellent, because having another device to charge can be a burden.
  • Bottle can be recharged via USB. The UV light tech is actually in the bottle-cap, so that’s what you will be recharging.
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