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I LOVE CONCRETE, AND I THINK STAMATIS ILIADAKIS, THE CREATOR OF THIS PHOTO, MIGHT TOO. This almost-surreal perspective in an unusual location is really beautiful in its simplicity.


With an unblemished gradient of sky as the only background, this location could be suspended in the air for all I can tell, and is reminiscent of an old video game where the processing power of the system cannot handle complex, 3D backgrounds.

I like how this is composed so as to remove any and all context from the photo, adding to the mystery and surreality while drawing focus to the shapes and shades of gray. The single light-post seems to have sprouted out of nowhere like a tree in a clearing.

There is something ironically soft and pleasing about how clean concrete catches the light, and I love the low-contrast mottled lights and darks that naturally appear there.


If you’re looking for a new background, this photo has been kindly made available for download through the link in the image.


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