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STARBUCKS IS PERPETUALLY MAKING MOVES, especially in Chicago, according to Starbucks:

“This spectrum of Starbucks retail experiences is not new for Chicago: Since opening in 1987, the Chicago customer has seen many firsts from the company…”

The newest inclusion in the “spectrum” of Starbucks in Chicago is their planned Chicago Reserve Roastery, illustrated as a very impressively massive (43,000 square feet!), shiny, glass concept and set to open on the highly desired Magic Mile in 2019. This will only be the third of such locations planned by Starbucks in the US, one already open in Seattle and one in NYC planned to open in 2018. The Chicago location, however, will be the largest of the three, which will make it the largest of all Starbucks stores, in the world.


In April, Starbucks announced their plan to build and open the Chicago location, and has since been making announcements about what exactly will be featured in the giant structure, including:



  • Reserve coffee bar: Unique limited-edition coffee beans and roasts available to drink in-store or to be purchased for brewing and consuming at home, as well as some awesome-sounding coffee drinks not available anywhere else. We know what some of these drinks will be because they are already available at the Seattle Roastery and some of the other Reserve Bar Starbucks locations:
    • The Nitro Cascara Cloud – Did you know that coffee beans are surrounded by fruit, called a cherry? When that fruit is dried, it is called “cascara”. This drink is a nitro cold brew with cascara syrup.
    • The Melrose – A coffee version of a Manhattan, cold brew with cherry bitters and a maraschino cherry
    • Emerald City Mule – Kind of like a coffee Moscow Mule, which doesn’t sound good, but that I’m very interested in trying. Made with cold brew, ginger beer, lemon, an apple slice and burnt cinnamon syrup
    • Cascara Lemon Sour – Cold brew, shaken with maple syrup and lemon and topped with cascara sugar and a Luxardo cherry
    • Nitro Dirty Chai – A nitro chai tea latte with an espresso shot
    • Cold Brew Float – I want this. Cold brew and a scoop of ice-cream with a shot of espresso on top


  • In-house coffee-roasting: As the name suggests, the Roastery roasts coffee on-site, likely in full view of the public. This is pretty exciting, actually, because Starbucks does not typically include a “Roasted on” date on their coffee beans. I bet the beans will be super fresh at this location, and that should improve the (already good) taste significantly.


I’m sure Starbucks has a lot more ideas about how to fill up that massive amount of space they’ll have in Chicago Roastery that we’ll be hearing about soon. I eagerly anticipate more updates, and eventually making the trip to visit this place when it finally opens.


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