My new glasses with plastic frames slip down my nose.

I got my new glasses recently from an online store, and I love the plastic frames, except they have no friction. Every time I moved my head, the glasses fall down slightly. I was forced to keep pushing them up all day. It was terrible. Okay, it’s a first world problem for sure, but it’s one I’d rather eliminate.

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So I started my search for anti-slip glasses products. Here’s what I found, and the best of the possible options.


Second best option: Adhesive nose pads


  • They keep your glasses on your face more.


  • They change the way the glasses sit on your face. If you like the way your eyeglasses fit right now, this might change it for the worse. The pads each have a different thickness, and I don’t know of a way to tell what will be most comfortable without buying them all.
  • The adhesive wears out over time. After it wears out, you need to get some rubbing alcohol, clean the spot where you want to stick the pads on, and re-apply them. I don’t like creating a new task for myself, even if it only happens every couple months. Plus, it means:
  • I have to keep buying them as they wear out. I prefer to buy things once and get it over with for good.
  • They don’t work perfectly. They work, but your glasses can still slip a little.


Unusual option: Eyeglasses retainer strap



  • It’ll work very well for people with short hair. It should work about as well for everyone with short hair as my top choice, the Keepons.


  • I don’t like the style, at all. It really wouldn’t look good for me. I don’t know who this look would work for, but I’m not the guy.
  • I don’t want a strap around my head all the time. I might have to change how it fits if I put a hat on. I won’t be able to scratch the back of my head as easily. It’s a thing that I have to work around more than it works for me. Annoying.
  • I don’t see how this could work well for those of us with longer hair. This is for short-haired people only. It’s way too much of a hassle if you have longer hair.


Best option: Keepons

I have these, and I’m still sort of unsure what to call it. I feel weird calling them Keepons, because that’s the name of the company. Plus it sounds like coupons when you say it out loud. They also call it an ‘ear hook’ which is literally true, but it’s awkward to say and sounds like a medieval torture device. I guess I’ll just call them Keepons.

I had no idea these existed until I started looking for stick-on, adhesive nose pads for my plastic frames. These won me over. They’re more permanent than the sticky nose pads, which need to be re-applied when the adhesive wears off.




  • Your glasses will never slip while these are on. They just can’t anymore.
  • They’re permanent. You put these on and you’re good to go. They’re a nice, flexible rubber, and they’re not under a lot of stress, so I don’t see these breaking anytime soon, hopefully never. There’s no cleaning process to reapply them even if they do somehow break, so that’s a plus.
  • They’re essentially invisible. They tuck right behind your ear, so they can’t be seen from the front or the side. It has to be the exact right angle to be seen. I thought they’d be more visible than they are, so I was happily surprised.
  • They’re easily adjustable. If they’re in the wrong place, I just slide them forward or back. I got them a couple days ago, and I’ll probably move them a little today just to get that final, ideal fit.
  • They don’t change the way your glasses sit on your nose. They just keep them there.
  • They work so well I need two hands to take my glasses off. This is pretty awesome. I’ve never had glasses that would stay on no matter what. If I was rough enough, or something hit them the right way, they’d fall off. Now the only way these can come off is if I’m deliberately removing them. And there’s no way for them to slip down my nose.




  • They work so well I need two hands to take my glasses off. I’m sort of kidding, but it’s a pro and a minor con for me, personally. Everyone says to use two hands when removing glasses, but I never developed the habit. I usually took them off with one hand. Now I’m forced to use two, which technically is correct and better, but I’m just not used to it yet.


The Keepons are definitely the best option, and they’re extremely cheap also. My glasses never need to slip again!

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