Finally we get more closure on El’s story!

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We see El diving through her mother’s memories again. El gasps as she pulls out of the circular, endlessly repeating memories. El notices another girl in the memories: the girl we saw running out of a building with a crew in the opening scene of season. Eleven struggles to locate the girl psychically, and succeeds. El wakes up to find her aunt calling for Hopper on the phone. El, feeling betrayed again, leaves immediately on her new mission to find Eight.

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El visits the Windy City

El takes a bus to Chicago and is thrilled by the massive skyscrapers and the huge number of people. She quickly finds herself in the uglier parts of the city, which are less thrilling. Entering a warehouse, she meets a motley and hostile crew. The one with a mohawk threatens her with a knife. Eight, or Kali, intervenes and El displays her powers by pulling the knife into her own hand. They greet each other as, “Sister,” and hug.

Eight explains her power, which lies in creating illusions. She doesn’t seem to have the same strength of power that El has. The crew makes fun of El, but Eight shuts them up. She’s clearly in charge of the group, though the mohawk guy resents it a little.

El hears Hopper’s message from the previous episode in her black psychic subspace. She’s woken up by Eight. She introduces the group: Axel, Dottie, Mick, and Funshine, all outcasts. They explain the purpose of the group: They’re vigilantes, and they focus on hurting or murdering those who hurt them in the past.



Kali is from the Dark Side


Kali begins training El, asking her to move an entire train car. She shifts it, but fails. Kali counsels her to focus on her anger and use it to drive her power. El focuses on all the injustice and pain she suffered, including the recent trauma from Hopper’s horrible parenting. El pulls the squealing train car successfully, and is applauded by the whole group.

Kali puts her to work locating one of the men who tortured her mother, which she does easily. The whole group gives El a makeover before they start the trip. Kali tricks a convenience store owner with the illusion of a massive bathroom malfunction and they start looting. The owner pulls a gun and El slams him into a wall to save her new friends. The group flees the scene.

Having made it to their destination, the crew dons masks and walk into the building in search of the bad man from El and Kali’s past. They break into his apartment and Kali and El confront him, removing their masks. Kali shows him a vision of themselves as small girls, and El throws him into the wall. To save himself, he claims Brenner is alive. They don’t know if he’s telling the truth, but Kali trusts El’s abilities to find people more than she trusts him.



El tries being evil


El looks like Darth Vader as she uses her powers to choke him. At the last minute, she sees a family photo and relents. Kali tries to persuade El to kill him as he lies on the floor begging for his life. Kali pulls a gun to execute him, but with a twitch of her head, El whips the gun out of her hand and through the window. The police arrive and the gang makes their escape.

Kali recounts what she has done since they saw each other as children: her escape (no details), and how no one, even family, were able to help her. Kali shows El a disturbingly realistic vision of Dr. Brenner, trying to convince her to look for him. She’s very manipulative. It’s not an endearing quality.

Outside the warehouse, the cops have located the gang and are surrounding it. There’s a bunch of them. It’s going to be hard for them to escape this one.



El doesn’t like being evil


El, not sure where to turn or what to do, seeks out Hopper and Mike psychically. She sees Hopper right before the soldiers were killed by the Demogorgons in the last episode, and watches, frightened, as Mike tries to warn everyone of the trap. She is pulled out of the psychic space by a banging on the door. The police break in.

Kali gathers everyone together and motions them to be quiet and still. The police flood the room, almost touching the gang. As they run outside, a gun battle erupts between them and the cops outside. Kali makes the cops hallucinate a giant wall that rises from the ground, and they stop shooting, shocked. El refuses to join them in their escape. Kali says, “They can’t save you.” El says, “No. But I can save them.” The gang flees in their van, and El runs another way. Both escape from the police easily.

El is coming home.




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