I JUST GOT THE CHANCE TO TRY THE VERY EXCLUSIVE STARBUCKS JUNIPER LATTE and it’s definitely a trip. Also, check out that snazzy black and gold Starbucks Reserve cup, which all hot Starbucks Reserve coffee bar drinks come in.

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Starbucks’ description of the Juniper Latte:

“The beverage starts with Starbucks Reserve® Christmas brewed as espresso and steamed milk infused with a syrup made with dried juniper berries, sage and mandarin. The beverage is finished with latte art and a sparkle of juniper sugar (plus a sprig of fresh sage at the Roastery).”

My Recommendation

If you’re lucky enough to be close to one of the 18 Starbucks locations that have the Juniper latte available, here are the modifications I would recommend.

A typical Starbucks latte comes standard with 2 shots of espresso, but, interestingly, the Juniper Latte comes with 4. You can add a shot or two if you like, but the flavor of the Juniper syrup isn’t incredibly sweet, so I wouldn’t go too crazy with the shots as I would with sweeter drinks. Four shots is definitely sufficient for most coffee-lovers.

Get the Juniper Latte with breve instead of 2% milk. It’s richer, smooths out the espresso, and brings out the sweetness of the Juniper syrup fantastically. I recommend this for all hot lattes, but with this one it’s especially effective.

My Experience


On my first sip, I was pretty shocked. Starbucks isn’t joking when they say this thing has flavors of mandarin orange and juniper.

It’s unlike any drink I’ve ever tasted, with the orange hitting my taste buds clearly right away, complementing the special Starbucks Holiday 2017 Reserve Espresso very well, then followed by a more subtle (but very detectable) Juniper taste in the following few seconds.

If you’re unsure of what juniper tastes like, it is reminiscent of a pine tree. I know, that doesn’t sound very appetizing, but in the Juniper Latte, it really works.

This is super interesting to drink. It’s not a flavor combination I’ve ever seen or tried before, and that’s commendable by itself, even more so if it works.

My Verdict


I love it, and when I gave it to three other people to try, they loved it, too.

Thinking outside the box has gotten Starbucks a really interesting, unique latte that has more to offer than the ever-popular dessert flavors that are the standard Starbucks fare. I love those drinks, too, but something different is always welcome, especially when it’s as delicious and unusual as this.


If you want to pick one up, check out this list of Starbucks locations where the Juniper Latte is available, but be quick, as this drink is only available for an unspecified “limited time”.


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