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STARBUCKS IS RELEASING A NEW CHRISTMAS TREE FRAPPUCCINO, AVAILABLE DECEMBER 7th – 11th. Wow. Starbucks is really going all-out with their Holiday season this year.

Here are a couple photos leaked by Baristas of the first Christmas Tree Frappuccinos in the wild:

What is it?


Our trusted source tells us that the new Starbucks Christmas Tree Frappuccino will be as follows:

  • A creme Frappuccino (no coffee)
  • Blended with Peppermint syrup and Mocha sauce
  • With green whipped cream (whipped cream mixed with matcha green tea powder, confirmed by our source and commenter C j to also be sweetened with Classic syrup)
    • And candied cranberry topping (probably the same candied cranberry sugar that is included in the Toasted White Mocha)
    • And a strawberry on top, simulating a star on a Christmas tree
    • And caramel drizzle on top to evoke a ribbon on a Christmas tree

The matcha green-tea whipped cream sounds a little weird, but I’m definitely interested in trying this, with many fewer pumps of syrup, of course.

CORRECTIONS: We previously reported that this Frappuccino would be made with White Chocolate Mocha sauce. It is actually going to be made with regular Mocha sauce.

We previously reported that this Frappuccino would be available on December 6th, but it is actually available starting December 7th. We apologize for the errors.


When Can I Get it?


The Starbucks Christmas Tree Frappuccino will be available at Starbucks locations from December 7th to 11th, 2017. It will probably be gone before the 11th, hurry up and get yours!



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