I LIKE KEEPING THINGS AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE WITH MINIMAL COMPROMISES, so when a friend let me know about these super simple and convenient cups, I was eager to give them a shot.

My Brief Search For a Simple Hot Cup

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It’s cold outside, so I was looking for something to put hot home-brewed coffee in for car trips. Typically, a traditional thermos would be used for this purpose, but the thermoses I’ve tried in the past have been tactilely unpleasant to drink out of and annoying to clean. So what are my other options? Starbucks had me covered with their 16 oz. Reusable Hot Cups.

About the Cups

These cups are sold singly at Starbucks for $2 apiece all year round, but I picked up their Holiday 2017 6-pack for only $10. It’s a better deal, as long as you’re okay with the phrases on the cup (I was). The cups made of a mostly-rigid plastic with white hard plastic lids. The shape of the cup and lid is almost identical to a standard Starbucks Grande cup you’d get your hot latte in.

Why I Like Them

These cups are not insulated, but I drink my coffee pretty fast, so this is not a problem for me. If it is too hot and you can’t set it down to cool for a minute or so before running out the door, you can either use a Starbucks cardboard sleeve or double-up on cups, which will take care of any possible issues with the cup being too hot. As an added bonues, double-cupping should also keep your drink hot for a little longer. The convenience of dishwasher-safe cups cannot be overstated. This alone would make these cups worth it, but I have more. I really like the lid. It’s just like a disposable Starbucks cup lid, but rigid and robust. I really like the drinking experience out of this kind of lid, and there are no cracks, crevices or seals for beverage remnants to get stuck in and make your cup perpetually dirty. It’s weird. You’d think drinking out of plastic would be worse than drinking out of glass or china, but I kind of prefer it here.

How To Get Them

You can buy the cups on Amazon for a significant markup, or just check your local Starbucks and get a better price (about $10 for 6 cups right now).


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