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The Team still hasn’t found the quantum frame, a ticking time-bomb full of evil Faction Traveler consciousnesses that could explode at any time.

Trouble with Marcy and Grace has been brewing this season after Carly spilled the beans, letting Marcy know that her reset by Grace in Season 1 may have been against her will.

This episode is jam-packed. Let’s go.

Spoilers ahead!

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The Team Goes After the Faction



THIS EPISODE BEGINS WITH CARLY, HIDDEN BY TREES, POINTING A BIG GUN at three men in US Military uniforms in the distance, standing outside a cabin in the woods.

The Team is all there. Philip hunches over a laptop showing the orange Director screen. It reads “T.E.L.L. ESTABLISHED” twice in a row, and two of the three soldiers grab their heads, screaming. The third soldier reacts to this, pointing his gun at the arriving Travelers, and Grant, seeing this, gives Carly the order to fire. Carly shoots the third soldier, and the Team quickly, quietly, moves in to greet the newly arrived soldier Travelers.

The Team then makes their way into the cabin, capturing the three soldiers within. We find out here, to no surprise, that this is a Faction outpost of some kind, and the Team, under the order of the Director, just neutralized it. Grant informs the grumpy Faction Travelers:

“Protocol 3’s been suspended for members of the Faction. I wouldn’t risk it.”

In case you forgot:

Protocol 3


“Don’t take a life; don’t save a life, unless otherwise directed. Do not interfere.”

That makes sense. With Faction Travelers unknown even to the Director running around, Protocol 3 might endanger more people than it would save. Remember, the Faction likes plagues. Doesn’t get much worse than that.

Grant asks the Faction Travelers where the quantum frame is. They don’t answer, of course. One Faction Traveler inquires what their fate is to be, and when Philip says “That’ll be up to the Director.”, they assume that will be “death by overwrite”. We’ll see.

Back at Team HQ (AKA “Ops”), Marcy removes the comm from the neck of one of the Faction Travelers. Trevor and Philip are then instructed by Grant to try to get some helpful information off of it about Faction members and movements.

Carly suggests the Team torture the Faction Travelers (which Marcy quickly opposes), but the newly-arrived soldier Travelers say that the Director has plans for the Faction Travelers that the Team isn’t privy to. It involves a “hearing” of some kind, the coordinates of which the Team will receive the following day. Grant, Marcy and Trevor are going to be required to be there, for some reason.

Grant and Kathryn Hang Out


Grant and Kathryn hang out at Kathryn’s sweet loft, celebrating, apparently, the recent sale of their house. Grant drinks wine and the pregnant Kathryn drinks milk, which Grant thinks is pretty gross. Remember, he, along with everyone in the future, is vegan.

Anyway, Grant and Kathryn’s relationship seems to be going better than ever, and Kathryn invites Grant to stay the night.

Carly and Philip Talk Shop at Ops


Philip and Marcy discuss the problem of how the Faction has erased all surveillance footage of themselves, giving the Team no leads to follow. Philip is increasingly frustrated by the fact that he is getting more and more useless in his role as Team Historian, due solely to how much the future has changed since he traveled from there.

Carly apparently really likes Philip, and comforts him by saying:

“You’re like the rest of us now. Just a human being. “

Apparently, Philip also regularly makes Carly music playlists and helps her with personal IT stuff, which is funny. They seem to be good friends, which is something we haven’t seen before

Grant Receives Coordinates From a Messenger


After spending the night together, Kathryn and Grant profess their love for each other. Grant leaves the loft to go to work and is confronted by a young neighbor girl who has been Messengered.

The little Messenger girl gives Grant coordinates for the hearing we heard about earlier, then snaps back to herself, asking Grant why she’s in the hallway and if he is her new neighbor. Grant very kindly puts the little girl at ease and says that he guesses he is her neighbor now. Grant is obviously very happy with the Kathryn situation.

The Team Arrives at the Hearing



Grant, Marcy and Trevor arrive at a church, where the hearing is to be held. There are a bunch of  Travelers we haven’t seen before already there. And Grace. She’s there too.

The soldier Travelers are running the hearing, along with an ominous black, spherical camera that sits center-stage at the front of the church, apparently acting as the Director’s eye. How does this work? The Director presumably gets the footage from the camera to the future somehow (probably by burying memory cards somewhere or something), and, complete with coordinates and a time/datestamp, this enables him to act upon the hearing, seemingly in real time.

The three soldier Travelers captured at the beginning of this episode are brought up on stage, and everyone present is told to “rise for the arrival of the Tribunal Committee.”. All rise, the bonds are cut off the prisoner Faction Travelers, and they immediately grab their heads, screaming.

The new arrivals are Travelers 009 (AKA Pike, played by Tasya Teles), 0017 (AKA Foster, played by Kurt Evans) and 0029 (AKA Jones, played by Vincent Gale). According to Grace, these Travelers are programmers of the Director, just like her, and she knows them personally Pike informs the audience that they are now running the show, and are there by the Director’s orders

Grace immediately seems to know that she’s in trouble, and Pike confirms this, revealing the purpose of the trial:

“0027 you are charged with conspiracy against the Director and the high crime of interrupting the Grand Plan. “

Uh oh.

Philip and Carly Chat Over Comm


Philip, at Ops, and Carly at work, landscaping,, talk and listen to music together via comm.

Philip reiterates his feelings of uselessness as the increasingly-defunct Historian of the Team, joking that maybe he could be a mechanic instead, considering he lives in a garage. Carly, trying to comfort Philip, tells him to “stop it”.

The Case Against Grace is Made


Foster calls Grant to the stand and asks him how he first made contact with Grace.

Grant explains that when Grace arrived, she told him that her mission was to save Marcy, and that even though she did so, her real mission, as she eventually told him, was to reset the Director “by taking advantage of Marcy’s new T.E.L.L.”. Grace somehow used Marcy’s reset to reset the Director, preventing the Faction from corrupting the Director and ruining everything. Grant expresses his gratitude to Grace for saving Marcy.

When Foster asks if Grant suspected Grace of being a member of the Faction, Grant informs him that in their future, there was no Faction. The reason the Teams was not made aware of changes in the future is due to Protocol 2:

“Protocol 2



Leave the future in the past.



– Do not call each other by future names.

– Do not use future knowledge for personal gain.

– Do not try to learn about the changes in the future from later traveler teams.”

Foster, asks, Socratically:

“And who wrote Protocol 2?”

Apparently, Grace did. That’s interesting, as I didn’t know who wrote the Protocols. Maybe Grace wrote them all?

Here is Grace’s explanation for the utility of Protocol 2:

“Teams in the 21st shouldn’t be made aware of every change in the future because completion rates of our missions would drop exponentially.”


“Operatives would be paralyzed with the fear of how their actions could negatively affect the people they left behind.”

Makes sense to me, but it has gotten a little messy. In some cases, perhaps it would be good to give a long-lasting Team a refresher on what’s going on in the future.

Grace boldly states that she has saved everyone by resetting the Director, as Faction corruption of the Director would have destroyed everything the Director-led Travelers have been working for. She neatly sums it up by saying:

“What I did was the only way to save Marcy and the Director.”

Pike then informs Grace that the Director itself ordered this hearing, Grace is shocked, knowing that the Director is well aware of how, despite their renegade nature, her actions were of paramount importance critical to the survival of the human race, along with the Director itself.

David Wishes Blair a Happy Birthday


David calls his ex-girlfriend Blair (the one who eats cotton balls) to wish her a happy birthday, and Blair invites David to a rave. David is taken aback, and says:

“Oh. No. No, no, I don’t, um I don’t do… rave.”

David, of course, can’t just leave it at that, and says he’ll actually try to make it to the rave. With a shudder, David then hangs up the phone. I guess David isn’t a huge fan of Blair at this point, or maybe he never really was. Oddly, he still thinks it’s important to tell her “happy birthday”, for some reason.

Trevor Gets Called to the Stand


The tribunal questions Trevor about his interruption of the host Grace Day’s original TELL in Season 1.

In case you don’t remember, Trevor, going against the Director’s plan for her overwrite, tried to save Grace 1.0 from her impending death. Grace 1.0 was a guidance councilor at Trevor’s school who was kind to his bully of a host body. As a result of Grace’s caring actions, Trevor grew fond for her, and, knowing that her death was impending, tried to save her.

Trevor admits to the tribunal that he was acting on his own, accepts responsibility for his breach of protocol and all possible consequences that go along with it. even taking some of the blame for Grace 2.0’s actions.

The tribunal doesn’t seem to really care about what Trevor did, segueing his testimony into an accusation against Grace.

Jones describes how Grace shut down the entire Traveler program for four solid hours in order to find an appropriate host (Grace Day) for her to transfer to the 21st century. This shutdown, according to Jones, caused dozens of Traveler missions to go awry, including, apparently, missions to prevent a terrorist attack and a train derailment. This obviously resulted in many deaths.

Trevor goes on to try to take some of the heat off of Grace:

“If the crime is disruption of the Grand Plan, then I’m the one who allowed that to happen. I’m the one that should be punished.”

Even this doesn’t work in Grace’s favor. At least Trevor tried.

Philip’s Problem Gets Financial


Carly gets her landscaping paycheck and is disgusted by how little it is. She immediately comms Philip to “top her up”, as in, give her some money by cashing out a bit of the Team’s investment portfolio. Must be nice to just make a call and get money to pay the bills, right? I guess making the sacrifice of being a Traveler has some perks.

Philip agrees, but, upon checking the Team’s portfolio, is shocked to see that ‘most of their high-risk investments have crashed and burned’, and as a result, the Team is in “serious financial trouble”.

Seriously, can someone just send Philip an update on history from the future? I get Protocol 2 and everything, but this is getting ridiculous.

Marcy and David Have a Candle-lit Dinner


David is having a nice dinner with Marcy, and regales her with a story about Ken.

Let’s recap Ken a bit: In Season 1, Marcy becomes Marcy 2.0 and sort of starts having a relationship with David. Jeff finds out and reports David to his boss, Ken. Ken almost fires David for this, but, using some of Philip’s gambling winnings, is then paid off by Marcy.

The story David is telling is about Ken, at some point, making a big presentation with his fly unzipped. Marcy, hilariously, asks David if Ken was “exposed”. He wasn’t, but David finds the story very amusing anyway. Marcy even laughs once. Pretty good.

Throughout dinner, David gets multiple messages and calls from Blair, but does his best to ignore them. Instead of turning his phone on “silent”, David lets the phone loudly vibrate, alerting Marcy to the situation. Marcy doesn’t seem to care much, though.

It’s the Quantum Frame, Everyone!


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Blair is at her birthday rave, raving, as well as attempting to get David to come on down. After sending David a selfie, Blair departs with her friend to the bathroom.

We see that the rave is located in what looks to be an empty factory somewhere. In the middle of the room where the rave is taking place is the much-sought-after quantum frame! It actually doesn’t look out of place at a rave, and when it starts up, the ravers are more excited than scared.

As the ravers watch, the quantum frame activates, briefly charging up before it does its thing, blasting Faction Travelers into every raver in the room.

Blair comes back from the bathroom to find all the ravers, now newly-arrived Faction Travelers, standing silent and motionless. Pretty creepy, but it gets worse. Instead of immediately running away, Blair speaks, causing all the ravers turn and start toward her.

David Listens to Blair’s Voicemail


We’re back with David and Marcy at dinner again, and David is just finishing the story of how Ken almost fired him. David ends the story by saying that Ken changed his mind for an unknown reason. Well, we all know why David got to keep his job, but Marcy has, due to her memory reset, forgotten her actions were the reason David’s job was saved.

Marcy leaves for the bathroom, and David receives a new voicemail on his phone, and, upon checking it, hears that it’s from a screaming, panicked Blair, saying that she is hiding in a bathroom stall and that people are “trying to get in”.

David begins to quietly freak out, and has just grabbed his coat to leave when Marcy comes back from the bathroom. In lieu of an explanation, David hands Marcy the phone to listen to the voicemail herself. Marcy (AKA “Batgirl) is, of course, ready for action, and tells David she’s coming with him to find Blair.

Philip Checks Horse-Racing History


Philip, on his computer at Ops, watches horse-racing while reciting words he’s apparently memorized from the racing commentators. What he’s doing is checking just how dire the changed-history situation has become by comparing the history of horse-races he’s memorized with the current reality. Bottom line: It’s bad.

Philip gets some of the commentating right, but then it goes terribly wrong. The wrong horses are winning, and not just once in a while. Based on the tally Philip is taking on a note-pad, it looks like almost every result of the races he’s memorized has changed.

Philip is, understandably, not happy, but it’s more than that. He’s legitimately shocked that he his historical knowledge has become so outdated since he traveled from the future. I guess this isn’t the norm for Historian Travelers.

This will definitely be bad for the Team. If Philip is that out-of-the-loop, the Team will run out of money, fast.

Marcy and David Arrive at the Rave


Marcy and David, flashlights in hand, climb a deactivated escalator at the factory housing the rave. Marcy asks David what a rave is before surprising David by pulling a gun out of her purse. David asks:

“What, you just carry that around?”

Marcy responds with a “Yep.”, and the two quickly find the room where the party (was) at. The quantum frame is gone, and the pair spot an unconscious Blair on the floor.

Marcy checks Blair’s vitals and determines she has overdosed on something. David pulls out a syringe, apparently something he keeps with him to save his clients with “addiction problems” in case of overdose. It’s probably epinephrine.

David injects Blair, who immediately regains consciousness and proceeds to weakly explains what happened to her:

“We were in the bathroom People started screaming. When I came out, they all turned on me.”

Marcy smells something fishy, and checks David’s phone. She finds the selfie Blair sent to David, a photo handily featuring the quantum frame in the background. Marcy, her back turned to David, comms in to the Team:

“Hey I’m at a building at the corner of 50th and Baker. I don’t know how they moved it so fast, but the frame was here less than an hour ago.”


“Pull up the camera feeds. I’ll be right over.”

David is baffled. He asks Marcy who she is talking to and what she means by “camera feeds”. Marcy explains nothing, instructs David to get Blair to the hospital, and leaves. David calls 911.

The Team Looks For the Quantum Frame Some More


Back at Ops, the Team has assembled. Philip explains that the Faction has wiped all surveillance footage, again, but that they can now be certain the frame was at the rave.

Philip has compiled all the photos he can find from the rave, and Grant quickly assumes that all the ravers, save the three women who were in the bathroom during the transfer, are now Faction Travelers. The two women who weren’t Blair, by the way, died of Faction-induced drug overdoses. The Faction is the worst.

Grant instructs Philip to do his best to identify the ravers, then leaving with Marcy and Trevor to go back to Grace’s trial.

Marcy Takes the Stand


Back at the trial, Jones questions Marcy about her reset. Having lost her memory, all Marcy can really say is that she no longer has seizures. Pre-reset, Marcy was being killed by her seizures. Seizures that were due to her host’s damaged brain. Fixing the seizures was Grace’s stated purpose for Marcy’s reset.

Pressing further, Jones asks Marcy if, after her reset, she “feels restored”. Marcy admits that she feels she is “missing pieces” of herself.

Jones says he’s studied Marcy’s MRIs, and that he believes Grace must have taken more than just her 21st-century memories.

Marcy, upset, turns to Grace and asks her:

“What else did you take out?”

Grace blows Marcy off:

“I told you. Redundancies, useless things.”

To which Jones responds:

“Such as what? Empathy? Emotions you lack?”

Oof. That’s rough. Grant agrees, as we see him in the audience, grimacing. The more real Grant’s relationship with Kathryn becomes, the more it pains him to see that Marcy lost hers with David. Losing her memories was bad enough, but losing her humanity? Come on.

Marcy is very upset with Grace, which is a good sign that she still retains a decent amount of herself post-reset. Grace, in a very uncharacteristic move, speaks very apologetically to Marcy:

“Marcy, you’re still you. I swear to you.


I didn’t take your soul. “

But Marcy isn’t convinced.

Trevor Brings Grace Some French Fries, and a Hug


On a break from the trial, Grace sits alone outside on the church steps.

Trevor, still sympathetic to Grace’s plight, brings her a snack of french fries. Grace loves the “French Cuisine”, and, against her protestations, receives a hug from Trevor.

Apparently, it gives her a “slight release of endorphins”, which leads her, after a brief moment of thought, to make a very frank and cold sexual advance on Trevor. He isn’t into it, at all, by the way, and looks incredibly uncomfortable. Travelers has some surprisingly funny moments.

Grant and Kathryn Discuss Baby Names


On break from the trial, Grant and Kathryn discuss their picks for baby names over the phone. They have a charmingly warm and normal conversation, but neither likes the other’s name ideas.

Grace’s Last Stand


Back in the trial, with the explanation of charges against her finished, Grace is allowed to speak to her own defense. Grace hasn’t changed her tune:

“I’ve given it a great deal of thought, run the events over and over in my mind a thousand times, and to be honest…


You should all be thanking me.

“…If I hadn’t have reset the Director, none of you would be here right now.


The Director would be gone, the Faction would have won, and billions of people would be dead from a horrible plague, so…


You’re welcome!”

Philip and Carly Find a Faction Raver


Philip believes he has identified one for the Faction ravers from a photo, so her and Carly go to her house to see what’s what.

The two knock on her door, and when she answers, they brusquely confront her with the fact that they know she’s Faction, and ask her where the quantum frame is. The woman convincingly denies any knowledge of what they’re talking about, tells them she’s going to call the police, and slams the door in their faces.

Carly, about to pull her gun and go after the woman, is stopped by Philip. He says they can’t be sure she’s Faction, and that, as they’re operating without specific orders from the Director, it would be best for them to play it safe.

Sirens begin to sound in the distance, signaling that the woman followed through on her promise to call the police. Carly and Philip rush back to their minivan and escape.

Marcy Brings David Some Chinese Food, and More


Marcy very thoughtfully brings David some food, and then almost immediately kisses him, explaining that she’s “just trying to figure something out.”

David doesn’t like the experimental aspect of her advance, and stops Marcy from continuing. Marcy is desperate to feel intimacy. Even more, Marcy is desperate to see if, after her reset, feeling intimacy is even possible for her anymore.

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After a typically heartfelt explanation from David of how great it was to be with her pre-reset, Marcy is upset, and asks David if he wants her to “just go”. Au contraire! David would like Marcy to stay so they can hang out, somewhat platonically, talking and eating dinner. Marcy looks awkward but charmed, so that is pretty much the best way that could have gone. Good job, David.

Grace Receives Her Sentence


Back at the trial, Jones accuses Grace of being the reason the Director was corrupted in the first place. His only evidence of this being that she is the best programmer among them. Grace decides her best defense is to insult the tribunal with some colorful imagery:

“But I didn’t corrupt the Director! I was the one waving a red flag while you three were lining up at the yeast vats, filling your bellies!”

Well, that doesn’t help at all. Pike declares that the tribunal has found Grace guilty, and she is dragged away to the “sentencing room”, screaming for Trevor’s help.

Trevor is very upset, and rises to help Grace, but is stopped by Grant.

Grace is taken to the sentencing room, which is just a room in the church that the trial took place in. In the center of the room is a camera (for the Director to watch through) and a giant transparent structure/device composed of 3 flat planes. Grace is placed in a chair in front of the structure, and is told her sentencing will “begin shortly”.

The Traveler soldiers who took Grace to the room leave her alone there, and the device lights up. Grace, unsurprisingly, looks distraught.

Everyone but Trevor leaves the trial area, and he sits alone, looking worried.

Marcy Gets a Ride From Jones


Grant and Marcy leave the church, and Grant asks Marcy again if she’s “okay”. Marcy gives the typical answer that she’s “okay”, and says she wants to walk instead of drive in order to clear her head.

As she walks, Jones pulls up in a creepy black limo and calls her over.

Jones explains to Marcy that he is personally offended by what Grace did to her and explains that he would like to help. Not only that, but Jones tells Marcy he has been working on research to ‘preserve host memory’, and that if she goes with him, he will be able to restore her own 21st-century memories immediately.

 Marcy gets in the limo with Jones, and tells her:

“Unfortunate, what must happen to Grace.”

Marcy, still mad about what Grace did to her, doesn’t agree. Jones comms someone, saying that he’ll be arriving with Marcy in 30 minutes.

We then see who Jones was talking to: The Faction raver who Carly and Philip visited earlier. She’s with a bunch of other Faction Travelers and the quantum frame in an unknown location, preparing for… something bad, of course!

Grace Talks to the Director (in a Super Weird Way)


Back with Grace in the sentencing room, the odd device in front of her reveals its purpose. Each of the three transparent surfaces is a display. They activate, showing overhead views of three elderly people, apparently on their death-beds.

It appears the Director has utilized terminal hospital patients as Messengers to communicate with Grace. That’s super weird. I guess the Director is doing things this way because:

1. This is a conversation, not a message, so two-way communication is required, which a simple Messenger can’t accomplish.

2. The Director has a lot to say. I suspect speaking this long through the standard child Messenger would not end well for the child.

Odd method of communication aside, Grace is emotional, and speaks:

“Are you here?”

One of the elderly men responds, revealing himself to be speaking as the Director:

“I am here, 0027.”

Grace cries, saying:

“Call me Grace.”

Grace tells the Director that she would never betray it, and the Director is somewhat comforting in his response, saying that although Grace is one of four suspects, the probability of her guilt is “negligible”.

The Director tells Grace to be patient while it determines who of the four suspects in the “traitor”.

The Director is taking turns with each of its ill hosts, some of them disappearing from the screen never to return, then replaced by others. I’m assuming the Director is using these hosts up, which is a little disturbing. I hope their families didn’t want to have a final conversation with any of them, or anything like that.

Also, who set up the cameras above all these poor terminally ill people?

Jones and Marcy Visit the Quantum Frame


Jones and Marcy arrive at the location of the quantum frame, and find all the Faction Travelers on the floor there, killed by an unknown force. The quantum frame, though, is oddly still powered up and functioning.

Marcy is cool as a cucumber, but Jones is freaking out. Marcy reveals that she figured out Jones’ plan for her:

“We both know you’re not trying to help me.”


“You want Ellis’s backdoor code to take over the Director, and you think it’s still inside my head.”

Jones points a gun at Marcy and telling her that “the future is at stake”. At that moment, the rest of the Team burst in, guns drawn, and Marcy easily disarms Jones.

Grant asks what happened to all the Faction Travelers, and Marcy responds:

“Honestly? I don’t even think that he knows.”

Was this Vincent doing his thing (whatever that is), perhaps? Why would he kill all the Faction Travelers in the first place, and if so, why would he leave the quantum frame functioning? I have no clue, yet.

Meanwhile, Back at the Sentencing Room


The Director, still speaking through very ill people over the futuristic TV, informs Grace that the traitor, Jones, has been found:

“0029 will be charged with the crime of Treason and sentenced immediately.”


“The frame has also been neutralized.”

Grace is still upset, feeling (very) personally betrayed and hurt by the Director, who used her trial to flush out the traitor it was seeking. This exchange has an interesting tone, as Grace seems to feel she is talking to a father figure, or even something more.

Even though the Director knows for sure that she is not the traitor, Grace is afraid that she is still going to be punished for what she’s done, and confesses her transgressions:

“I know I took the life of this host after the fact, I know I interrupted the Grand Plan.


Ellis is dead because of me.


But I can never go back.


Isn’t that punishment enough?”

The Director responds:

“More than enough.


I owe you my life.


Thank you for saving me, Grace.


I shall miss you.”

And with that, the last Director host disappears from the screen.

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Jones Gets Sentenced


Grant has the standard Faction/Traveler “you’re stupid”, “no, you’re stupid!” exchange with Jones before telling him that the Director is now ready to sentence him. The Team holds up their smartphones, cameras activated, and point them at Jones, who immediately begins to scream and hold his head.

A new, more-dazed-than-usual, speechless Traveler has arrived. Grant tells Philip, Trevor and the two soldier Travelers (yes, they’re still hanging around) what he wants them to do with the quantum frame:

“Make every fragment of it unrecognizable.”

Yes, Grant really hates the quantum frame. Really, who can blame him? Grant also mentions that he has no idea who killed the other Faction Travelers at the quantum frame site. This is a problem that needs taking care of.

We see a final shot of an orange Director screen, depicting the quantum frame, which is odd. Maybe it is a memorial of sorts for all the Faction Travelers possibly still stuck inside, who will be forever lost with the frame’s dismantling?

Final Thoughts



If Jones thought he could recover code from Marcy’s brain, perhaps there is some hope for her to recover her lost “pieces”. I bet she’ll try very soon. Maybe Marcy will be able to forgive Grace if Grace helps her with this, which seems fairly likely.

David and Marcy are in a good place, considering. I expect their relationship to continue on the upswing until David is undoubtedly put into grave danger sometime this season. Wait on it.

What’s Grace going to be up to, now? She is, no doubt, shaken from her experience in this episode, and hopefully (but probably not), humbled. Maybe she will be given a specific role so she can stop wandering around interfering/helping the Team at random. That would be cool.

Grant and Kathryn are doing great, so no worries there.

Philip seems to be doing okay with his addiction, but if he’s still using his eyedrops, that could presently become an issue again when he runs out.

The Team needs money, and Philip is too out-of-the-loop to cheat the markets with future-knowledge. Protocol 2 violation or not, I hope someone sends him some newer future-data so this can get taken care of.

I sure hope that Trevor and Grace’s relationship doesn’t go anywhere beyond where it already has. Please, no, it would be too weird.

Now that Jones, the source of the Faction’s assault on the Director, has been rooted out, will the Faction be rendered headless? Hopefully, but I bet any that are still scattered around will be causing trouble for at least a little longer.


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