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STARBUCKS IS REALLY GOING FOR IT THIS HOLIDAY SEASON with their promotions. Here’s the latest one: “The Starbucks Run” promotion.

This one really only works if you regularly purchase Starbucks for four or more people, but I used to work at Starbucks, so I know there are people who do that on a regular basis. Maybe that’s you. I’ve done it myself, on occasion.

Promotion Details


  • Buy 4 Grande-sized Starbucks beverages between 2pm and midnight using Mobile Order and Pay (the Starbucks Mobile App), and you’ll receive a $5 Starbucks card digitally (in your mobile app) within 7 days
  • This promotion is “at participating stores”. No word on what that means, but Starbucks doesn’t usually do localized promos, so I’d give it a shot at my local store.
  • I don’t know the duration of this promo. Oddly, Starbucks hasn’t posted any details on how long this promo is going to run.


Enjoy your free coffee!  ?


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