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STARBUCKS HAS A NEW BUY ONE GET ONE FREE COUPON OUT IN THE WILD TODAY, and all you have to do is give them your phone number to get it.

Hot on the heels of their last BOGO promotion, the “Starbucks Holiday Give Good Share Event“, Starbucks is at it again. This time, however, there are no limitations on the types of drinks you can get, which is nice.


Here’s How to Get it


Click here to view the Starbucks “One for you, one to share” promotion, enter your mobile number, and press “Send coupon”.


When I did this, Starbucks instantly texted me a link that took me to a page showing a numerical coupon code and a barcode. You can save the text for your next visit to Starbucks, or you can bookmark the coupon link in your mobile browser. Your Barista will need to scan the code when you want to use it, though, so it won’t work for orders made via the mobile app.


I’m not sure why, but this promotion has “Lyft” in the URL, so I’m guessing it originated from Lyft somehow. The details don’t really matter anyway, because we’re getting free coffee here.


Promotion Details:


  • Valid 12/12/2017 – 12/24/2017
  • Valid only for purchases made between 2-5pm in your local timezone
  • Works for any beverage, though second beverage must be of equal or lesser value
  • Single use, one per person


Enjoy your free coffee!  ? 


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