THIS EPISODE PICKS UP RIGHT WHERE THE LAST ONE LEFT OFF, giving us more backstory on Vincent, and, as you can tell from the title, Simon.

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Last episode was a bit of an information overload. We learned a lot about Vincent through flashbacks made possible by Marcy’s recovered memories. This episode features memories from another character which help to put a few more pieces of information together. I don’t want to say more here, so suffice to say that Vincent features prominently in this episode, and that’s never a good thing for the Team.

Spoilers ahead!

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Grant 1.0 and Kathryn Meet Vincent


THIS EPISODE BEGINS at an upscale hospital charity fundraiser, where a drunk Grant 1.0 and Kathryn bump into Vincent Ingram. We’ve heard about this meeting before, when Vincent knowingly messes with Grant 2.0 in Season 2 Ep. 3 by telling him they’d already met at this party years ago.

Vincent and Kathryn talk a bit, with Vincent telling Kathryn he is a supporter of the hospital. Vincent’s departed wife (killed by the Director via Messenger, in case you forgot), was close to someone who received care at the hospital, Vincent says.

Kathryn and Grant are at this fundraiser because they “live nearby” and because Kathryn, a designer, donated a chair to the charity auction. As Kathryn shows Vincent her chair, Vincent notices a series of artworks and is immediately struck speechless. We see one depicts a dome structure nestled in a mountain valley, while others depict tower-like structures and strange, very very old looking people. Kathryn tells Vincent that the artwork was done by a patient at the hospital.

We can deduce that these strange works of art were done by Simon, and that they depict a future Vincent is very familiar with. Vincent immediately says he wishes to buy them all.

Grant Tries to Cope By Not Coping


At the FBI shooting range, Grant does some target practice with his sidearm. I get the impression that this is possibly, at least in part, to blow off some steam. He is dealing with the loss of his unborn daughter, which, on top of the usual Traveler insanity, is almost incomprehensible.

Upon returning to his desk, Grant is told by a fellow agent that the case he was working on has been reassigned. Everyone assumed, you see, that Grant would be taking time off after the tragic loss of his baby. Grant isn’t happy about this assumption, and, acting like nothing is wrong, says he wants his case back. The other agent assents, and Grant gets back to work on his case.

Marcy and David Find Vincent


Marcy and David are right where we left them at the end of the last episode, now searching the streets for Simon. David tells Marcy that he met Simon shortly after he met Marcy, that Simon is paranoid, delusional, and says he’s “on a mission from the Director, whatever that means”.

Marcy and David quickly come upon more of Simon’s street art, and, lo and behold, the artist himself is still there. That was easy.

Simon, of course, recognizes Marcy, and casually says hello to her as if no time at all had passed since they last saw each other years ago.

Philip Has Update Problems


Philip, at Ops, listens to a moody song (it has been identified, see below) while staring in the bathroom mirror at different versions of himself from alternate timelines doing similar, but not quite the same, things. He looks a pretty rough around the edges, almost as if he is experiencing a hangover. Carly, apparently listening to the moody song with Philip over comm, asks him to change the song, and Philip grumpily responds:

“I’m not your DJ, Carly.”

Philip grabs his yellow update pills from the medicine cabinet, takes one, and continues to stare at himself in the mirror. His vision returns to normal, but Philip still isn’t looking good.

We now see Carly, currently cooking breakfast in her kitchen. Philip, as requested, changes the song to something more upbeat for her. Carly thanks him, dancing a bit just as Jeff enters the room. Jeff, who heard her voice as she spoke to Philip over comm, asks if Carly said something, but she brushes it off, and Jeff doesn’t seem to care.

Jeff says he likes Carly’s “moves”, and surprises her with a kiss on the cheek. Carly says “hey!”, but Jeff, eyeing her desirously, explains that she “brings it on herself” before going out the door. Okay, Jeff. Cool it.

About the song from this scene:

Thanks to the very kind Julia Graff (Music Editor for this episode), I have now located the moody song Philip is listening to in this scene. It’s on this page, but you can’t download it unless you create an account and log in (which needs manual approval from their admin). However, you can play it as much as you want:

“Right Where You Belong” by William Jay Bergman and Andrew Kastner

Trevor and Gary Talk About Coach Perry


Trevor’s “dad”, Gary, drives Trevor to school. Gary brings up the issue of Coach Perry, who was exposed to the world as a serial abuser by Trevor and Philip in Season 2 Ep. 9.

Gary explains that no one had any idea that Perry was abusing the high school football players, and offers his support if Trevor himself was abused. Trevor’s host body, as we know, was abused by Coach Perry, but Trevor tells Gary that nothing happened to him. This is essentially true, as the Traveler consciousness currently inhabiting Trevor’s body didn’t experience the abuse.

Gary says “that’s what I figured”, and that he didn’t believe such a thing could happen to ‘his son’. Trevor seems moody, and keeps his responses to a minimum. I suspect Trevor, being a father himself, believes that Gary failed Trevor 1.0 by not detecting the abuse and helping his son.


The Team Questions Simon


Back at Ops, the Team has come together to deal with the discovery of Simon, who has joined them there. The Team looks over Simon’s artwork, and Grant remarks upon how it’s “so strange to see these in the 21st”.

Marcy informs Grant that she remembers Simon from her recovered host memories. Marcy hasn’t had a chance to brief the Team on everything she’s remembered from her ice bath experience, possibly not even having digested all of it herself yet.

Marcy says that her recovered host memories of Simon were from several years ago, so he must be at least several years into “his psychotic existence.”

Marcy introduces Simon to Grant, and asks if he could answer some questions. Simon, suspicious of law enforcement in general, is immediately leery of the gun-toting Grant. Grant tells Simon that he’s “on his side”, and asks for his Traveler number.

Simon doesn’t answer the question, saying:

“You want what’s in my head, but there’s just so much that you don’t understand.”

When Grant says they’ll probably understand, Simon launches into a very technical lesson on paradoxes:

“Okay, so you know that an emission of Hawking radiation concerns two mutually entangled particles?”

“And if that particle enters a black hole, it emits a finite amount of information, leaving you with what? A paradox! The monogamy of entanglement requires that the outgoing particle be fixed inside two independent systems at the same time!”

From this, Philip determines that Simon must be “upper-echelon” and is “probably a Specialist”. Simon confirms this, telling them to verify it with the Director if they don’t believe him.

At this point, Simon is interrupted by a hallucination of Vincent, who tells Simon to shut up. Simon is visibly cowed by this.

Marcy tries to get Simon to continue, but Simon, afraid, says he cannot. During this, however, Simon is drawing a picture of someone on a piece of paper, and Marcy recognizes that someone as Vincent. Grant confirms this, but as there are no photographs of Simon anywhere, wonders how Marcy knows. Marcy reveals that her retrieved host memories include some of Vincent experimenting on patients at the institution. I think Marcy needs to have a sit-down with the Team to go through all her recovered memories. This stuff is pretty important.

Simon now says, to no one in particular:

“He’s 001”

Carly says “What?!”, but Simon is busy dealing with an angry hallucination of Vincent, who says that because of Simon’s inability to keep his mouth shut, he ‘knows what he has to do’. Simon protests, but quickly comes to terms with the hallucination’s request, and announces to the Team that he now “has to take extreme measures”. Pulling out a knife, Simon attempts to get it in his mouth for the purpose of cutting out his tongue.

Marcy runs for a syringe while Carly grabs Simon. Luckily, right at this moment, Trevor enters and helps Carly hold Simon while Marcy succeeds in sedating him. With Simon safely sedated on the floor, an out-of-the-loop Trevor asks the room:

“What’d I miss?”

Flashback: Simon Dreams of His Past


The sedated Simon dreams of his past, where a much cleaner-looking version of him stands on a street corner in an unknown location in the 21st century. A man approaches Simon, handing him what is probably some kind of hard-to-obtain computer component.

Simon asks that another of the same part be provided to him again the following week. The man is caught off-guard by this apparently odd request, and asks what Simon is doing with all the parts he’s bringing him, hoping that it’s “nothing, like, illegal”. Simon, at this point, is very disturbed by the sudden auditory hallucination of Vincent’s voice speaking to him, and so abruptly leaves the man.

From Vincent’s surprise at hearing the disembodied voice along with his put-together appearance, we can assume this is the point at which his schizophrenia began to manifest. It’s interesting that the mental boogeyman his unfortunate brain has chosen is Vincent. This makes more sense later, by the way.

Still in the past, Simon is now at his version of Ops (which looks surprisingly similar to our Team’s Ops), working on an older-looking version of Traveler software. Simon hears his name being called by Vincent again, which wakes him up. Simon finds himself on a cot in the Team’s Ops with a hallucination of Vincent standing in front of him, saying:

“What are you doing here? You need to leave.”

Simon is petrified, but Philip enters, carrying a glass of water for him, interrupting the intimidating Vincent hallucination. Philip tries to comfort Simon by telling him kindly that he’s “safe here”. It’s a nice gesture, but I don’t think that’s going to fix this particular problem. By the way, Philip seems to be feeling much better than he did earlier in the episode. I guess the yellow pills work, at least some of the time.

Grant is Having Some Trouble Sleeping


Now the middle of the night, Grant wakes up at the MacLaren loft, frantically looking for the source of a “clicking” he’s heard. Kathryn wakes up and asks what Grant what he’s up to, then informing him that the source of the clicking is a light on a security timer. Grant begins to cry, and Kathryn holds him, saying:

“We can take turns being the strong one.”

Aw. This relationship is doing very well, considering.

Simon Tries Out Philip’s Traveler Software


It’s morning at Ops, and Philip is greeted by a completely naked Simon, who wants to give Philip’s newer Traveler software a try. It’s been updated since Simon last used it.

Flashback: Simon’s Schizophrenia Gets Out of Control


We see Simon in the past, at his old Ops again, hallucinating that the government is after him.

He runs into the street, and, to the confusion of nearby bystanders, continuously screams “I surrender!” at a hallucination of a police helicopter above him. One of the bystanders gets on the phone, presumably calling the police. This was likely the incident that got Simon institutionalized.

Rene Breaks Up With Trevor


Trevor has a girlfriend, remember? We haven’t seen her in quite a while, so you may have forgotten. She does, in fact, still exist.

Trevor’s high school girlfriend, Rene Bellamy (played by Alyssa Lynch), calls Trevor, telling him that she’s having an “emergency”. When they meet, Rene finally (sort of) breaks up with Trevor. I say “sort of”, because what actually happens here is that Rene tells Trevor how she’s learning new things and having new experiences, and Trevor responds by telling her that she’s breaking up with him. Rene isn’t so sure this is what she’s doing, but Trevor needs to get back to Traveler business, so he tells Rene:

“You’re breaking up with me.”

“You’re growing into the woman you’re going to become, and that’s exciting.”

“I understand. Just take all the time you need. You’ll make the right decision.”

It’s hard to tell for sure, but Trevor might be a little upset by this. It definitely makes things a little less awkward for the viewer if actually-ancient Trevor doesn’t have an inappropriately young high school girlfriend. Maybe he jumped at the chance to break up with Rene because he has an ethical dilemma with them dating in the first place. Either way, Trevor, in typical Traveler fashion, leaves Rene staring into space, confused, and heads back to Ops.

David Approaches Grant at the FBI


As a reminder: David has believed since Season 1 that Marcy is secretly working for the FBI. Because of this, David also believes that Grant is Marcy’s secret boss. Pretty close to the truth, actually.

David, on his way to find Grant at the FBI building, bumps into him in an elevator. David has a list of questions about Marcy that he wants to ask Grant. This is because David is, of course, disturbed by the ice bath incident from last episode and wants to make sure Marcy isn’t suicidal. To remedy this, he has decided to ask Grant some questions about Marcy’s behavior to determine whether she is a continuing danger to herself or not. Apparently, Marcy hasn’t really briefed David about her current status beyond her vague statements at the end of the last episode, and, of course, the kiss.

Grant tells David that he knows all about the ice bath incident, and while he doesn’t necesarily approve of Marcy’s dangerous behavior, he understands why she did it, and says that David should, too. I think Grant cuts off the interaction there, because the next time we see him, he’s at Ops.

Simon Schools the Team at Ops


Okay, so the Team has learned a lot about Simon. He’s Traveler 004 (as I expected, a very low number), and his mission from the Director was to set up the Traveler communication network. That means their comms, and whatever else they use to communicate on their “back channel”.

This mission went awry when Simon’s schizophrenia, a byproduct of his host, began to manifest, but apparently the communication network get set up just fine regardless. Another Traveler probably stepped in to fill his shoes when he disappeared, I’m guessing.

Philip, in order to explain something else they’ve learned, explains the internet. To summarize, there are parts of the Traveler communication network that the Team was unaware of. Simon informs the Team that Vincent, who does know about those additional layers in their network, has been using his knowledge to spy on them.

Trevor mentions that this could be used to the Team’s advantage. You see, now that they know Vincent is spying on them, and how he’s doing so, it might be possible to turn Vincent’s hack against himself by using his connection to their network to locate him.

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By the way, during all this, Simon is sitting completely naked at a computer for some reason. The Team doesn’t seem to mind.

Flashback: Simon meets Vincent


After seeing Simon’s future-themed Traveler artwork at the charity auction, Vincent gains access to Simon in the mental institution, and we finally see Dr. Carroll for the first time.

Dr. Carroll brings Vincent to Simon’s room, telling Vincent about Simon’s Schizophrenia. Vincent requests to speak alone with Simon, so Dr. Carroll leaves to get coffee.

Simon immediately recognizes Vincent’s voice, saying they “searched for it for years” in the future. This explains why the voice of Simon’s schizophrenia boogeyman hallucination speaks as Vincent before they had even met. He must be viewed as a very sinister character in the future.

This means that after Vincent (the first Traveler), failed his mission, the Traveler program was more or less put on hold, and for quite a while. Remember, Simon is Traveler 004, and was in the future for “years” after Vincent traveled to the 21st Century. The Director, then, only sent three more Travelers in those “years” following the first mission. Considering how many are sent now, three is a relatively minuscule number.

Simon is not cool with Vincent:

“You were supposed to die in the North Tower.”

“The Director is not happy. You were supposed to die.”

But Vincent lies to Simon, telling him that he has a new mission from the Director to make Simon “whole” again. In other words, to fix his schizophrenic host body. Well, we know how that works out. As usual, Vincent is either lying or simply unable to deliver on his promises. This claim seems to be enough for Simon, however, who then begins to work with Vincent on the Traveler consciousness-transfer machine we saw in the last episode.

The Team, and Simon, Hunts Vincent in Their Network


Back at Ops, Philip shows the Team how Simon set up alerts to help them detect Vincent on their network, but that pretty much everything they’ve seen from him so far has been encrypted, so while they can see he’s doing things on the network, they can’t tell where he is geographically.

By coincidence, at this very moment, an un-secured phone call comes through on Vincent’s network, and the Team scrambles to get information from it.

We now see Vincent, in the woods somewhere with his son and a dog, picking up his phone. The call is from Vincent’s psychiatrist Dr. Katrina Perrow (played by Amanda Tapping, director of five Travelers episodes).

Dr. Perrow is going against Vincent’s communication instructions by calling with a phone that Vincent has not secured, and while he is aware of this, the subject matter of the call is enough to distract Vincent from the security protocol breach.

Dr. Perrow tells Vincent that she is canceling his therapy appointment scheduled for that day, going on to explain that she can no longer see him as a patient unless he is willing to accept the possibility of taking medication. Vincent is upset, and absolutely will not agree to take medication, so Dr. Perrow says goodbye, hanging up on him. Vincent seems to really rely on Dr. Perrow’s therapy sessions for support, so this is a big problem for him.

Back at Ops, Philip announces that he was able to get the originating phone number, and Grant rushes out the door to track down the caller, saying:

“The minute we find out where Vincent is hiding, we’re going to knock down his ####### door.”

Oo boy, here we go.

Carly is about to go with Grant, but Philip stops her, asking if she can stay at Ops for “protection”. Carly looks at the naked Simon, says “I think you’ve got this” and leaves.

Flashback: Dr. Carroll asks Vincent about His Weird Equipment


Back at the mental health ward, Dr. Carroll nervously asks Vincent about all of the unusual equipment he’s bringing into the building. She, of course, is referring to the consciousness-transfer device and its supporting components.

Vincent says that it’s all just “surplus electronic parts” from his “various companies”, but Dr. Carroll is still concerned, noting that Simon believes the equipment will help him with his “consciousness issue”. As usual, Vincent just smiles at nods, pretending that Simon talks nothing but crazy nonsense. Vincent then hands Dr. Carroll one of his trademark money envelopes, tells her that “Charity is a gift you give yourself.” and walks away. Problem solved, I guess.

So, Vincent just walks around with envelopes full of money in his pockets to give away whenever he needs some wheels greased. Not the weirdest thing about him, but still, weird.

Marcy Makes “Dinner”


David comes home to a candle-lit dinner table, with Marcy in the kitchen, “cooking”. She is very chipper, telling David that cooking dinner isn’t “brain surgery”, but we can see the kitchen is a complete disaster. David looks at a pot boiling on the stove, and when Marcy tells him it’s pasta, David asks how long it’s been cooking, Marcy happily replies:

“Not long enough to boil off the water yet.”

Oh, Marcy. David politely says that he’s recently eaten before Marcy kisses him and the two leave the room, skipping dinner.

Kathryn Has an Idea


Kathryn comes to Grant’s workplace with several orders of takeout food from different restaurants, each symbolizing a desirable vacation locale. The food is a way for Kathryn to ask Grant to go on vacation. This is her attempt to reset their lives after the loss of their baby.

Grant, for obvious reasons, can’t go on vacation anywhere, especially for months at a time as Kathryn is requesting. Kathryn anticipates the rejection of this idea, and says she has another plan, handing Grant a brochure with information about child adoption. Grant says under his breath:

“Adoption… Never would have occurred to me.”

Is there no adoption in the future? Maybe there are so few children that it doesn’t come up very much? That’s kind of what it sounds like.

Regardless, Grant is into the idea. It makes sense. This is going in a good direction for the MacLaren couple, and it would be fun to see Grant with a child.

Jeff Goes Crazy Again


At Ops, we briefly see a somber Philip looking at the clock. That means, because of his update, he knows something bad is about to happen.

At the Shannon household, Carly is asleep on the sofa when Jeff loudly enters the apartment. He’s gotten drunk at his boss’ birthday celebration, and is making unwanted sexual advances toward Carly. He says:

“Hey, come on. I been good. You owe me.”

Jeff has been good, but this is definitely not good. At all. Carly, rightly, doesn’t agree that she owes Jeff anything, saying:

“Never, Jeff. Not now, not ever.”

After telling Jeff to leave, the two get into a serious physical fight. Carly, more than holding her own for much of the attack, tries to end the altercation with minimal damage done to Jeff. Unfortunately for everyone, Jeff won’t stop, eventually hitting Carly in the face with a small dumbbell he finds on the floor nearby.

At this point, Carly has little choice but to beat Jeff unconscious before he kills her, so she proceeds to do just that.

But Carly doesn’t stop once Jeff is unconscious, continuing to hit his face repeatedly in a blind rage. She continues hitting Jeff until Philip suddenly comms her with a song, this time sung (quite well) by Philip himself. Philip’s choice for a calming song is “When You’re Smiling”:

“When you’re smiling, when you’re smiling

The whole world smiles with you

When you’re laughing, when you’re laughing

The sun comes shining through

‘Cause when you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you!”

Presumably, Philip did this very deliberately, at the perfect moment to stop Carly’s historical murder of Jeff, something that Philip no doubt learned about from his recent update.

Carly keeps telling Philip “Not now! Not now!” but Philip continues to sing, eventually snapping Carly out of her homicidal rage. Carly stops punching Jeff. We hear baby crying, see Jeff’s bloody-but-still-alive face, and see a sad Philip sitting silently at Ops, his mission accomplished no longer singing.

Marcy ?s David


Marcy and David wake up in bed together. and Marcy finally explains to David that she has recovered her pre-reset memories of their relationship, following that up with an “I love you”. David’s happy. Marcy’s happy. All good here, finally. David jokingly asks Marcy if she remembered that she owes him $20 and then wonders if the terrible pasta from the night before is ready.

The Marcy we see here is incredibly different from the one we’ve been seeing all season. Markedly more warm, playful and emotional in general. I had gotten used to the Season 2 Marcy, and didn’t realize how different she was until she recovered her memories. It’s no wonder everyone noticed something was wrong with her.

Carly Confronts Philip, the Team Finds Dr. Perrow


Carly, face and knuckles bruised from the fight with Jeff the night before, approaches Philip about his very well-timed musical interruption. Philip, very unconvincingly, claims that he had no idea anything was going on when he commed Carly, insisting that he was just “bored”.

Carly knows that Philip is lying, but, being ignorant of the concept of Historian Updates, doesn’t know how he could know her future. Nevertheless, she is convinced Philip did know, and asks if she was going to kill Jeff. From Philip’s blank-faced stare, we see that this is probably the case.

For some reason, it bothers the Team that Philip knows more than he’s letting on. Trevor pressed Philip a bit about his unexplained knowledge in Season 2 Ep. 9, and now Carly is doing the same. Why do they care? I don’t know, but they do. Part of it is probably that after the update, Philip now has knowledge of their personal futures. This also must be the reason why Philip is not allowed to tell them about the update.

Philip asks about Jeff’s condition, and Carly says that “he’ll live” and “probably won’t even remember anything” due to him being super drunk during the fight. Philip nods, asking a question that we all have on our minds:

“So what are you going to do?”

Good question, Philip. I was wondering the same thing. Jeff is a very dangerous person to live with. We get no answer to Philip’s question, however, because at this moment, Grant and Trevor enter Ops.

Philip shows the Team how he has tracked the phone that called Vincent, and has (correctly) guessed that the caller was Dr. Perrow. Grant and Carly head out to Dr. Perrow’s office to see what’s what.

Flashback: Vincent Closes Up Shop at the Institution


Back to room 21c (the room at the institution where Vincent did his consciousness-transfer experiments). Vincent is telling Simon that there is no point in continuing their project, because there’s no way for them to complete the machine without additional components that they cannot acquire at this point in the timeline.

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Vincent even mentions that the crucial meteor we saw arrive in Season 2 Ep. 7 won’t be arriving until years from then. This adds a new dimension to that episode, where Vincent’s goons (assumed to be Faction by the Team) attempted to kill the Team in order to foil their mission to retrieve the meteor.

If Vincent got possession of that meteor, he could have made at least some of the components he needed for the consciousness-transfer machine, so maybe he’s still working on it. At the time of that episode, the Team assumed Vincent’s goons were Faction Travelers, and that they were attempting to steal the meteor in order to prevent the invention of the Director in the future. We already know it wasn’t the Faction, so maybe it wasn’t about the invention of the Director, either.

Anyway, Simon is extremely frustrated. He doesn’t understand why Vincent, who lied and said he was on a Director-led mission to make the consciousness-transfer machine, can’t just ask the Director to somehow provide the missing components. Simon is disturbed that they “hurt so many people” for nothing, mentioning Marcy by name. At this point, Vincent stops responding and leaves the room.

Jeff Wakes Up


Jeff wakes up for the first time since his attack on Carly, and catches his reflection in the mirror. This seems to trigger a memory of what he did, and he appears to fill him with a sudden guilt. It looks as if he knows he’s ruined everything, probably losing his last chance to have a good family life.

Philip Questions the Director


Back at Ops, Philip asks Marcy and Trevor why the Director has “abandoned” Simon. Marcy supposes it’s because the Director didn’t know what happened to Simon, just like it didn’t know about Marcy or Philip’s compromised host bodies. Trevor adds that no records of the institution ever made it out of the 21st century due to Vincent ‘covering his tracks’.

Simon, from across the room, now asks to “go home”.

Grant and Carly Meet Dr. Perrow


Grant and Carly meet with Dr. Perrow. Claiming that they are there on official FBI business, Grant tells Dr. Perrow that Vincent has hurt someone and will probably hurt others, so they would like her to draw him out of hiding by keeping her appointment with him that day. In addition, Grant and Carly convince Dr. Perrow to put an “untraceable” comm in her neck so they can track her and listen in.

Flashback: Vincent Leaves the Institution, Taking His Money With Him


Back at the institution, Dr. Carroll has just received news that Vincent is pulling his funding for the place. She’s freaking out, asking for Vincent to please remove support more slowly so they can adapt. Dr. Carroll elaborates that programs will need to be shut down, and that patients will be put out on the street. Vincent couldn’t possibly care less, telling Dr. Carroll:

“Well, then it’s fortunate you care so much and I’ve been able to compensate you so well over the years. You can take my place as a benefactor.”

With that, Vincent walks away, leaving a speechless Dr. Carroll staring into space.

Marcy Takes Simon Home


Marcy drops Simon off at “home”, which is just an alley somewhere. She hands him an envelope of cash, telling him to contact them when he needs more. Travelers gotta stick together, you know?

Simon, for some reason, believes that this Marcy is Marcy 1.0, saying that he’s “glad” that the machine in 21c eventually fixed her. Simon adds that because of this, he believes that maybe someday he could be “fixed” as well. Marcy doesn’t correct Simon, instead hugging him warmly before driving away. Hey, new/old Marcy is really nice.

Dr. Perrow Embarks on Her Mission


Dr. Perrow is picked up by one of Vincent’s goons in (you guessed it) a black SUV. She is being closely monitored by the Team through the comm in her neck, and is being followed at a “safe distance” by a car containing Grant, Carly and Trevor.

In the goon car, Dr. Perrow activates her comm, and, when prompted by Carly for her status, whispers that she’s fine. The goon driving the SUV gives Dr. Perrow a super-hard stare in the rear-view mirror, so I’m pretty sure he just heard her do that. Vincent and his goons don’t play around.

Vincent’s Goons Snatch Simon


After being dropped off by Marcy, Simon is back happily making Traveler-themed street art when Vincent’s black-clad goons come up behind him. The goons grab Simon and drag him away to who knows where.

The Team Loses Track of Dr. Perrow


Apparently, when Trevor said they were following the Dr. Perrow vehicle at a “safe distance”, he didn’t mean “safe” for Dr. Perrow, because according the their comm tracker, she is currently sitting motionless in a random barn off the highway. Grant wonders:

“Why do these things always end up in barns?”

The Team checks out the barn from a distance, but upon seeing no cameras, carefully enter the barn to find it empty, save for a bloody comm on the ground. Whoops.

The Team forgets trying to find Dr. Perrow, and returns to Ops. Philip shows the Team a video he has received of a tearful, slightly bloody Dr. Perrow, who says:

“This is a message for Agent Grant MacLaren.

I was acting on Agent MacLaren’s behalf in an unsanctioned operation.

I was found out and will be released unharmed, along with my daughter As long as Agent MacLaren presents himself to these coordinates in the next two hours.

He must come alone and on time or I will never be heard from again.”

I’m assuming by “unsanctioned operation”, Vincent is referring to the fact that the Team were not ordered by the Director to do any of this. The fact that Vincent cares about this is interesting. Vincent doesn’t do what the Director orders (self-termination), but he still cares that other people do? There’s something fishy going on here, for sure.

Final Thoughts

I don’t have many thoughts or theories about this episode. Nothing ground-breaking was revealed here that adds much to the information we received in the last episode.

We did get a few tidbits of information, the most interesting of which being that Vincent needed the meteor to finish his own consciousness-transfer machine. Nothing that I can use to really flesh-out any theories, though.

This was a good episode, and we only have one more left in this season, so I suspect I’ll have a lot to say about that one.


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