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POKÉMON GO HAS SOME SPECIAL BOXES IN THE SHOP FOR THE HOLIDAYS, and you probably want to know which, if any, you should buy before they disappear at midnight on January 5th, 2018.

In short, all the Holiday Special Boxes are a good deal, but one of them is the best deal.


So Which Holiday Special Box Should You Buy?


To figure that out, we need to go through the standard Shop item pricing. So here we go.

Where possible, I’ve analyzed each Holiday Special Box by the value of the items within them. Here’s the breakdown of the normal cost of the items included in the Holiday Special Boxes:

  • Super Incubator
    • These aren’t available outside of the Holiday Special Boxes right now, so I’ve compared them to the price of the regular Egg Incubators, which cost 150 PokéCoins apiece.
  • Lucky Egg
    • These are available in the Shop. 80 PokéCoins for 1, 500 PokéCoins for 8, 1250 PokéCoins for 25.
  • Premium Raid Pass
    • These are available in the Shop, only sold singly for 100 PokéCoins each.
  • Star Pieces
    • This is a new item, and is not available anywhere except in the Holiday Special Boxes. If you are unaware, Star Pieces give you 50% extra Stardust. This can’t be valued, so I’ve resorted to comparing the boxes to each other when it comes to this item.

On To the Holiday Special Boxes: Which is the Best Deal?


Winter Box (480 PokéCoins)

  • x4 Lucky Eggs
  • x2 Premium Raid Passes
  • x5 Star Pieces

Purchased separately, this box would cost you 600 PokéCoins (before including the unvalued Star Pieces). This means you’re saving 120 PokéCoins for a total savings of 20%

Don’t buy the Winter Box unless you can’t afford the Great Box or the Ultra Box. This is the worst deal of all 3 Holiday Special Boxes.

Great Box (780 PokéCoins)

  • x2 Super Incubators (normally 300 PokéCoins for regular incubators)
  • x8 Lucky Eggs (normally 500 PokéCoins)
  • x3 Premium Raid Passes (normally 300 PokéCoins)
  • x10 Star Pieces (best value)

Purchased separately, this box would cost you 1100 PokéCoins (before including the unvalued Star Pieces). This means you’re saving 320 PokéCoins for a total savings: 29.09%

This Holiday Special Box is the best deal If you don’t want to spend the big bucks and are only interested in Star Pieces and/or Lucky Eggs.


Ultra Box (1680 PokéCoins)

  • x6 Super Incubators (normally 900 PokéCoins for regular incubators)
  • x16 Lucky Eggs (normally 1000 PokéCoins)
  • x10 Premium Rad Passes (normally 1000 PokéCoins)
  • x20 Star Pieces

Purchased separately, this box would cost you 2900 PokéCoins before including the Star Pieces. This means you’re saving 1220 PokéCoins for a total savings: 42.07%

If you’re just after the Premium Raid Passes or Super Incubators, buy the Ultra Box. Also, just buy the Ultra Box if you can afford it. At 42.07% savings, it’s the best deal by far of the three Holiday Special Boxes.

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