WINTER ISN’T OVER, AND STARBUCKS HAS MORE UP ITS SLEEVE, so get ready for some new food and beverages.

We’ve received information on the upcoming Starbucks releases and are here to give you all the pictures and details. Here goes:

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New Items


This is super exciting for any Starbucks fan. A sweeter, lighter, more floral Espresso that you can get in any of your regular drinks. Go crazy with it. Starbucks says:

“This year, Starbucks Blonde Espresso joins the Starbucks family, and it is the perfect way to invite new espresso drinkers to explore our espresso beverage. Your regular customers can also customize their favorite beverages with Blonde Espresso, or discover a new favorite; the possibilities are (practically endless!”

Key Tasting Notes: Extra smooth and subtly sweet + Toasty sweetness

Complementary Flavors: Lemon, orange, caramel

Growing Regions: Latin America & East Africa

Processing Method: Washed

Body: Medium

Acidity: Medium’

“Starbucks Blonde Espresso will now be available as a second espresso option in all of our core beverages. These are six core beverages will be featured during the Winter Promotion”

“Don’t forget! Blonde Espresso beverages get one less pump of syrup to complement the light-roasted espresso.”

  • Cherry Mocha (Available 2/7/2018 – 2/14/2018)

I’m excited about this one, too. A new candied Cherry Syrup means lots of possibilities for new custom drinks. I think I’ll be trying it with White Mocha. This is only available for a super-limited time, so don’t miss out! Starbucks says:

“Inspired by chocolate covered cherries, this beverage is a combination of espresso, Mocha sauce and candied Cherry syrup topped with sugar and cocoa Valentine’s Sprinkles. Enjoy hot, iced or blended!”

  • Teavana Defense Wellness Brewed Tea (Probably launching 1/9/2018)

Once this is released, it will be the only white tea you can get at Starbucks. I’ve always been a fan of white teas, and the citrus element to this one sounds perfect. Too bad there isn’t an iced version! Starbucks says:

“A blend of white tea, citrus and spices. An excellent source of Vitamin C.”

Starbucks says:

“A caffeine-free herbal infusion of ginger, lemon, rooibos and mint.”

  • Teavana Rev Up Wellness Brewed Tea (Probably launching 1/9/2018)

Starbucks says:

“A blend of black, oolong and green teas blended with tropical fruit notes.”

This is sort of like the secret-menu-then-actual-Starbucks-menu-item the “Medicine Ball”: An interesting-sounding hot tea concoction. Starbucks says:

“A new handcrafted tea beverage featuring Teavana Defense Wellness Tea, with notes of orange, lemon and cinnamon combined with steamed lemonade and honey.”


  • Everything Croissant (Launching 1/9/2018)

Croissants are the new bagels, and Starbucks is taking it all the way with their new Everything Croissant. Are they good with cream cheese? Probably. I’m glad Starbucks has decided to add more butter to all their croissants, as well. Starbucks says:

“Classic croissant with Gruyere, Fontina and Asiago cheeses, balanced with onion, sesame and poppy seeds.”

  • Southern style Chicken Sausage and Bacon Biscuit (Launching 1/31/2018)

Starbucks has decided to get into the biscuit game. Not a bad idea. Starbucks says:

“Chicken sausage, double-smoked bacon, country-style gravy and spiced honey butter on a cornmeal biscuit.”

  • Chicken BLT Protein Box (Launching 1/9/2018)

Starbucks says:

“Sliced chicken, roasted tomato, lettuce, bacon, mayonnaise and garlic-mustard aioli on flatbread. Paired with apple slices and carrots.”

  • Heart Sugar Cookie (new design) (Launching 1/23/2018)

As if regular cookies weren’t already enough fun, this one is heart-shaped with confetti sprinkles. Starbucks says:

“Sugar cookie topped with white or pink chocolaty coating and colorful sprinkles.”

Whole-bean Coffee

(only available at Starbucks Reserve locations)

  • Sun-dried Ethiopia Kayon Mountain Farm (Probably launching 1/9/2018)

These all sound delicious to me. I want to try everything Starbucks Reserve, and these new beans are no exception. Starbucks says:

“Flavor notes of bright lavender, Meyer lemon and black tea.”

  • Guatemala Santa Isabel (Probably launching 1/9/2018)

Starbucks says:

“Flavor notes of lemon and chocolate with a honey sweetness.”

  • Panama Carmen Estate (Probably launching 1/9/2018)

Starbucks says:

“Floral and lemon citrus notes with a praline sweetness.”

Returning Items


I really liked this one last year, as long as it was mixed well in my drink. The Smoked Butterscotch sauce is very thick, so if doesn’t get mixed really well with the espresso, you can get an uneven drink. I want to re-try this with Blonde Espresso. Starbucks says:

“Back for its third year!


Smoked Butterscotch sauce combined with steamed milk and Signature Espresso, topped with foam and Smokey Butterscotch Sugar topping. Enjoy hot, iced or blended!”


  • Cookie Crumble Bar (Launching 1/9/2018)

Starbucks says:

“Crunchy crust of speculoos cookies, topped with a layer of cookie butter, vanilla icing and sprinkled with crushed speculoos cookies.”

Speculoos cookies are a spiced shortcrust cookie, kind of like a spiced shortbread cookie but more crunchy.

  • Confetti Hearts Cake Pop (Returning 1/23/2018)

I love cake pops, and this one looks fun. Comes in chocolate or pink coating (I’d get pink). Starbucks says:

“Rich chocolate cake, coated with milk chocolaty icing and sprinkles of heart candies.”

  • Slow-roasted Ham and Swiss (Returning 1/9/2018)

Whole-Bean Coffee

  • Guatemala Casi Cielo (Returning 1/9/2018)

One of my favorite coffee beans. Starbucks says:

“Spanish for “Almost Heaven,” this single-origin coffee is known for its bright, rich flavor and smooth body combined with hints of dark cocoa”

  • Kopelani Blend (Returning 2/15/2018)

Starbucks says:

“With soft caramel notes and a roasty sweet finish, this tropically inspired bled was aptly named “Heavenly Coffee” or Kopelani in Hawaiian.”


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