You already do so many things every day, we want you to be able to do them better without having to spend hours and hours researching how.

We also wanted to make a blog that isn’t steeped in content appealing to the worst in people. A place on the internet for you to go to improve the everyday things in your life and see fun content that is not at the expense of others.

We wanted to make a blog about the things we care about, which just so happen to be the things everyone cares about.



When thinking about this question, we broke down everything we do in a day and split it into three categories based on what’s common to all of us. After all, what we all do every day is what’s most important to all of us.

In short, Humans need to eat food, to be entertained, and to accomplish everyday tasks.


Our goal is write material intent on enriching your lives by improving these necessary parts of your life.


We do this through research, experience, and attention to detail, thinking and writing about the things that make up your lives, which, ironically, you maybe can’t spend much time thinking about because those things make your life so busy. 

Many popular blogs focus pretty heavily on the negative. We write content focused on happiness, life-improvement, and fun. We don’t want to appeal to the worst in people. No politics, no fear-based marketing. no tragedy. Remember Google’s motto, “Don’t be evil”? We agree.






Humans gotta eat. What you cook, how you cook it, what you cook with, what you buy, what you feed your family, and fun stuff.




About entertainment, and written with the goal of entertaining you. Reviews, recaps, recommendations and analysis of TV, movies and music.




Optimizing the things you do in your everyday life, including things you have to do every day. Physical and mental health, chores, tips, life-hacks and product recommendations. Doing everyday things better, with the minimal amount of time and effort.


MARK   /   JOE

We are Mark and Joe, two brothers who have always been interested in analyzing and optimizing all the normal aspects of life. This may sound mundane, but we enjoy it, so we’re putting the excess amount of thought we put into the mundane parts of life, hoping to improve them for you.

For the past three years, Mark and Joe have partnered in an online business selling children’s toys. They both live in the Midwest, USA.

Mark graduated University with a two BS degrees: One in Math, one in Physics. He worked at Starbucks, then as a College tutor, then as a Lab Research Assistant, then as a full-time entrepreneur.

Joe left University a little early to pursue work, and has been a full-time entrepreneur for over five years, working in photography and videography as well as video and photo editing. In addition to this, he was a partner with Mark in the online children’s toy business for the past three years. Joe also worked at Starbucks as his first job and loves coffee and tea as a result. He is married and has three young children.

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